New Pictures for Three Worlds with Yang Mi and Dilireba


We are transferring our blog from Cdramadevotee ^^ For synopsis, character stills and past informations, click here: Link 1 and Link 2

Story is written by ‎唐七公子 TangQi Gongzi, aka the author behind Hua Xu Yin.

Official translation of the title: Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Blossom Flowers. Hehe, I will use the shorter version of this title aka Three Worlds or 3L3W.

Storyline: It tells the story of Bai Qian, a goddess from the Heavenly Realms. On her trip to the mortal world, she meets Ye Hua with whom she falls in love and eventually married. World later, the two star-crossed lovers meet again as deities but all her memories has been erased.

New stills

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New BTS for wrapping up the drama:

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