Entertainment Update: Casting News, Ice Fantasy, Once Promised, Three


Ready for another round of casting news, filming BTS and promotional stills? A lot of projects are underway so there are a lot to talk about!

Recent picture of Fan Bingbing, Ruby Lin, and Alec Su bring back memories from Huang Zhu Ge Ge 🙂 Gosh, everyone want a piece of 5th Prince! Wait for Vicki Zhao to come…



Chen Qiao En and Jin Dong are having a drama together 🙂 Candle in the Tomb. This will be the drama version of the Ghouls movie.


BL dramas seems to be the trend. Rush to the Dead Summer written by Guo Jingming will be adapted into a drama, with slightly more focus in the boy-boy relationships:


New period drama Love is More Than a Word started filming today. Yes, Love is more than a word, it is THE buzz word on every drama… This production will star Yan Zidong, Jiang Zhile, Liao Jinfeng, Liu Yichen, and Lu Zhuo and is based on the novel by Su Youbing.


Korean actor Li Jian was added to the new Yumama drama Memory Lost. He will play a supporting character to Yang Rong’s leading female character.


Nicky Wu and Qi Wei started filming for their new drama April Stars.


Once Promised started filming recently so we should be expecting character stills in the upcoming days. This big budget drama will star Huang Xiaoming, Victoria, Sheng Yilun, Zhang Li and Baron Chen. The Chinese name of the drama is 上古情歌.

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New Xuan Yuan Sword 《軒轅劍之漢之雲》 Xuan Yuan Sword Cloud drama based on the video game will start shooting on May 26th! They already confirmed the cast to be: Yu Menglong, Guo Junchen, and Guan Xiaotong. There is still a last male lead to be casted.

If you are excited for Tribes and Empires (of course you are), then you will be happy to know the leading lady wrapped up her part and the filming is slowly ending. It is expected to be released at the end of the year on Hunan TV. 8D


Yang Zi being a total eye candy on the set of Zhu Xian.


Song of Phoenix Stills

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One more BTS of Tang Yan in Princess Weiyoung


New Poster for Braveness of the Ming with Zhang Han and Park Minyoung.


Amazing stills for Victoria in Ice Fantasy

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Actress Lu Enjie for new drama Breaking Bad Fortune Teller.

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Exciting casting news that is definitely going to be a box-office hit! With Deng Chao (from Mermaid) and Bai Baihe (from Monster Hunt), new movie 从你的全世界路过 Passing from Your World is adapted from a novel by Zhang Jiajia. Supporting cast includes Yang Yang, Zhang Tian Ai and Liu Tao. If you tell me you are not interested, you are lying 😉

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Three with Wallace Chung and Zhao Wei will be released on May 20th:

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Stills for Chinese Odyssey with Tang Yan, Hangeng and He Jiong.

1 2 3

Finally, go check out Viki for their currently airing/subbing dramas!

On-air & Upcoming Chinese dramas
God of War, Zhao Yun (starring SNSD’s Yoona) – premiered April 3
Still Lala – premieres April 16
Ode to Joy (starring Wang Kai and Liu Tao) – premieres April 18
On-air & Upcoming Taiwanese dramas
Love at Seventeen – premiered April 9
Metro of Love – premiered April 1


8 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Casting News, Ice Fantasy, Once Promised, Three

  1. I’m a little disappointed with Once promised costumes which reminds of Go Princess Go wardrobe. Buy the way, I’m very exiting to see Baron Chen in the cast.

    Xuan Yuan Sword Cloud cast are all rookies? I hope last lead is Yang Yang. I miss him in ancient series since the 4.

    So long till Tribes and Empires released date, I’ll die if they give another trailer as first was.


    • Yop, I agree. But it is too early to say it will be bad quality and since I am not familiar with the story, maybe this is actually legit? Anyhow, for such a big cast/budget project, they better invest in the dresses.. Same, Baron Chen is so handsome ❤
      Seems like it. Yop, Yang Yang would be a great call for this. I hope they follow the usual casting choice of having in the cast a past Xianxia lead to level up the media hype.
      I guess Hunan is trying to recreate the Nirvana in Fire magic? I will watch for sure!


      • Story is really beautiful, and need beautiful environment and closings to create certain atmosphere but it looks so mediocre. I hope these is just some of the dresses, and they be other better.
        Yeah they need somebody well known in cast.
        I think it will works, they definitely try to make smth impressive ! I’m very intrigued by Tribes and Empires.


      • Haha, behind the scenes effect I hope.. Me too, I especially don’t like the dress Victoria has, poor her 😦
        Xianxia drama definitely need a shining star. Even Chinese Paladin 5 with Guli Nezha doesn’t feel enough.. compared to the presence Hu Ge and Liu Shishi have.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s nice to see the Go Princess Go cast in new projects. Sheng Yi Lun might not be the greatest actor but the more he does it, the better he’ll get, lol


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