[Movie] My Best-Friend’s Wedding with Victoria, Shu Qi, and Feng Shaofeng


My Best-Friend’s Wedding with Shu Qi, Feng Shaofeng, and Victoria finally releases a trailer. The movie will be released on August 5th, around Chinese Valentine’s Day 🙂


Gu Jia, played by Shu Qi, is the best friend of Lin Ran, Feng Shaofeng for the longest time and has developed feelings for him. On day, he received a phone call: he is getting married this week in London…


Sidenote: Is it me or the European friend of Shu Qi looks a lot like the boyfriend of Taylor Swift in Blank Space?  @_@




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3 thoughts on “[Movie] My Best-Friend’s Wedding with Victoria, Shu Qi, and Feng Shaofeng

  1. I’m a huge fan of the original movie and to say that I’m disappointed in the casting in this adaptation is an understatement though I want the film to prove me wrong when I get to watch it. Rhydian Vaughan sure kind of looks like Sean O’Pry from Blank Space 😂 never realized it until you pointed it out! He’s apparently playing the role of George (Rupert Everett) in the original which makes it disappointing because they opted to remove the gay bff storyline in this which is actually very essential in the original but okay I shall stop now and just see the remake for myself 😂 haha!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I didn’t watch the original so I am satisfied with the trailer… :”D But I know how you feel. I am a huge fan of My Sassy Girl so I hope the remake will not ruin the original storyline. Hehe, omg, you are so right, it is Vaughan xD He got so handsome ><
      Haha, maybe the movie will be good 😛

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