Zhao Liying Special!


I am back and so, special Zhao Liying post time! Ikitten did a good job while I was away to cover her news, but let’s be real, we want MORE!! Are you ready to see what the busiest actress in China had been doing for the last month? Be ready to roll 8D


First of all, let’s post some pictures from her movie set with Aaron Kwok, Zhang Han and Zhu Yilong. Move Eternal Wave will be about the Japanese Invasion and is a commemorative movie.


1 2 3 4

If you still didn’t watch the movie Rise of a Tomboy with Zhao Liying and Zhang Han, you can now check it out on youtube. I believe Ann already gave the link in the comment section of one of our past posts, so thanks! 😛 This is not the highest quality out there so you can wait a few months for even better resolution 😉

Variety Show

Season 2 of Up Idol announced amazing line-up and I hope it is true! It will see the comeback of season1’s Zhao Liying, Ada Choi, Ning Jing, Zhang Hanyun, Yang Yuying, He Jiong and Wang Han. They are also adding Liu Tao and ? to the cast. It is rumored that Ouyang Nana will have a guest appaearance. In the same fashion as season 1, they will invite guest stars, including Shifu Wallace Huo and ?. OMG!! So exciting!


Social Media

As it was He Teacher’s birthday yesterday, our Liying wrote the following message for him:

#何炅 何宝宝生日快乐~想念你[心]愿你永远开心 [Translation: He baby, Happy Birthday ~ miss you [heart] wish you happy forever]

She also went to eat Hot Pot last week. Miam!



Our girl is currently filming for Zhu Xian and although I am sure Ikitten kept you updated on the stills, let’s just have a focus on our Bi Yao again!


While on the set of Zhu Xian, they celebrated the birthday of supporting cast member Yang Xuwen. Remember he is the young boy casted for upcoming new Legend of Condor Heroes as Guo Jing. He wrote on his birthday:

横国的小伙伴们祝我生日快乐 (你们看到实力卖萌的脑公了吗?)

My little friends wishing me a happy birthday (Can you spot hubby?)

note: hubby is one of the many media name for Liying. I also spot Tang Yixin!

6 7

New badass poster for Old Nine Gates


Here are some fanart pictures for Rookie Agent Rouge


Oh and I nearly forgot. Her new drama 11處特工皇妃 (I am still not sure what the English name is supposed to be so I will call it Princess Agent 11…) will start filming on May 12th. Starring Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Li Qin, Dou Xiao, and Deng Lun.



Are you ready for a new ship? In line with all other Zhao Liying projects, the fans are already excited to see her on-screen romance with it boy Li Yifeng. Here is an amazing fan made video of the two of them interacting in past and present time. The story: they both love to eat!! xD

If you still can’t let go of her past romance with Li Yifeng’s “big bro” William Chan, then you are lucky! Youtube channel Chibiaya10 recently watched Legend of Zu and she created amazing fanmade videos of the OTP that will make you fall in love with them. Super awesome youtube channel so go check it out! Plus, did I mention she puts Eng sub? *_*


Now, let’s move to the advertisement industry! Her photoshoot for motocycles with Huang Xiaoming. OMG she looks amazing! *_* Blown away by how gorgeous she looks!!


Zhao Liying and Kenny Kwan (I love those two together) are the porte-parole of a new good cause for Louis Vutton. Basically, if you buy one of their special bracelet, Louis Vutton will donate 200USD to UNICEF for the emergency relieft fund.


It shouldn’t be a surprise to know that Zhao Liying is currently the face of AQUAIR shampoos and other products. Here are more pictures of her:

10 11

For a drinkable yogurt ad:

12 13

She also advertised for a new fabric made shoes line:

1 2 3 4 6 8 9

She just signed a new deal with LadyCare. Here are some Behind the Scenes


Her poster for IVVI cellphone:


Special Red Carpet Event


Finally, Bonus Eye Candy ❤



16 thoughts on “Zhao Liying Special!

  1. Ann says:

    I’m so glad you’re back and I have missed your posts about ZLY. She’s so adorable. Can’t wait for Chu Qiao to start filming.


  2. Ann says:

    I’m so glad you’re back and I have missed your posts about ZLY. She’s so adorable and idk why but I just love her. Can’t wait for her dramas to be released (and for Chu Qiao to start filming)


    • Thanks!! I missed you too ❤ No worries, I am ready to spam Liying news once again full force! 😛 I am not sure if Zhu Xian will air this summer, but I am already hyped up for Rookie Agent Rouge ^^ And of course, can't wait to see her in costumes for Chu Qiao.


  3. Dang!! Li Ying is definitely hardworking. She’s like everywhere.. This is a good thing but I am a bit concerned about her health. I am excited to watch her interact with Lin Gengxin. He’s such a hunk. Also, Huang Xiao Ming and her look very good together. Maybe they can star in a movie together. Thanks for the Li Ying updates! I didn’t realize you had moved! 😀


    • Yes! I know! I think she took a short break in May so hope that was enough to recharge her. She seriously doesn’t need to work that hard anymore and should take time to relax a bit more… Lin Gengxin can be such a big dummy sometime (wink to his appearance on Happy Camp this week) so I am curious to see their chemistry together. I know it is good already since the role is perfect for Liying!
      Huang Xiaming and Liying’s visual together would be top notch! I would be down for a movie similar to “The Bund”, they would look perfect! *_*
      Haha, oups, yes we did v_v shame on us and our bad data management I guess 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      • I see. I have no ways of keeping up of her news so I come here instead. I haven’t seen that happy camp episode yet. There aren’t any subs so it’s hard to understand. :/ I agree that she doesn’t need to overwork herself now. She’s already really well known. She should be more picky when selecting roles and movies/series. A good actress should focus all her energy on big successful works rather than stretching out too thin for mediocre ones. 😀


      • 😦 Come here! She is a bit less busy these days (which is a good thing), but she will start filming Princess Agents soon. Also, her drama Rookie Agent Rouge and Zhu Xian should both be released for this summer. Will try to update about them when they start airing 😉
        Aww, that sucks. Wished there wuld be more eng sub for shows, even without Korean celebrities.
        Yes! She is one of the most famous actresses for drama right now and she also did a few successful (idol) movies. I agree and I think she does too since she said in an interview that she is starting to realize the consequences of having too many projects on the final outcome. She says she wish she would had enough time to properly act out each role. Hope she learns to have a good balance when choosing project next ^^

        Liked by 1 person

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