[Movie] Night Peacock with Liu Yifei and Liu Ye


Night Peacock starring Liu Yifei and Liu Ye will be released on May 20th, 2016. At first, I was really curious about this movie and the beautiful scenery (beautiful France with artistic filter? sign me in!) but I am also afraid of the macabre elements in the trailer ><

Liu Yifei plays Elso, a reputed French flutist who travels from Paris to Chengdu. Her life is compared to the one of a night peacock, an eternal conflict between life and death, love and time. A night peacock, by Fabre’s definition, is a moth with the life goal of finding their soul mate.


Leon Lai as Ma Rong, a silk specialist and flutist musician.


Additional cast:

  • Liu Ye as a tattoist
  • Yu Shaoqun as a stranger in Paris

Short Trailer

Official Trailer


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Official posters

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