[Drama] Memory Lost with Yang Rong


The next modern drama by Yu Zheng Production is Lost Memory!  Part of Ding Mo’s now famous trilogy (Love Me If You Dare, When a Snail Falls in Love), here is Memory Lost. This will be the perfect drama to see Yang Rong act as a badass female lead with a full harem behind her. Continue reading

Casting Update: Liu Shishi, Chen Kun, Fan Bingbing, etc


A special entertainment update as there were a lot of casting news (or rumors of). 😀

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[Drama] Tribes and Empires… The Prophecy of dramaland

OMG! It happened, they finally released the character stills for the female lead *_* After waiting months, this post can finally have a complete list of stills. Yeah! A movie caliber drama that has everything you need to fall in love with it, here is our official post for Tribe Empires.  Continue reading

[Recap/Review] Yu Zui Ep. 1-4


I know there are a lot of dramas airing right now so maybe you guys’ watching list is packed already. However, I still want to recommend a drama I am currently loving. Yu Zui is a webdrama currently airing on IQiYi with VIP pass, but you can youtube around and find the airing episodes pretty easily. It is an adventure, action, thriller, strategies packed drama. Because you need a VIP pass to watch it, it is not leading the ratings (My Amazing Boyfriend and With You are both ahead of it), but it recently started releasing episodes for non-VIP IQiYi members. Hope more people will check it out now :3 Continue reading

Entertainment Update: I Love That Crazy Little Thing, Edge of Innocence, TBABM, Midnight Kitchen


Smile! Here comes another round of stills, trailers, news and trivial information about Chinese entertainment! 😉 Continue reading