7 Cdrama/Twdrama Starring Kpop Idols


With the increase of Korean actors and actresses (Park Minyoung, Goo Junhee, Park Hae-jin, Lee Minho, Goo Hye-Sun, Ji Changwook) making a move to start their career in China, you may wonder, what about the Korean idols? These entertainers often found in boy and girl bands are also slowly making a move to the acting world. Here is a short list exclusively about them. to qualify, these people are part of the Hallyu wave, are part of the Korean music industry and played a leading role in a Chinese or Taiwanese drama. Of course, the drama must have aired already. Did we miss anyone? (Probably)

Jang Nara in My Bratty Princess

This talented actress used to be Kpop idol! She used to be an SM trainee, but was dropped by the harsh criteria of the company. Later, she signed with Pure entertainment and dropped the sweetest kpop MV of all time, Sweet Dream.

Even with such an amazing success in Korea, she moved to China in 2005 where she had a strong fanbase. She filmed My Bratty Princess in 2005 with Alec Su which became a huge success. I also strongly recommend that drama ^^. Her other projects in mainland includes Good Morning Shanghai, Iron Masked Singer, Unruly Qiao and Red Palaquin.

Go watch it on Viki with Eng Sub for the first episode!

Summary (shorter version of dramawiki’s): Situ Jing, a mischievous free-thinking lady, and her companion, A Ling, go on a series of adventures. She does not know that she is a princess of the former royal family. To protect her family’s reputation outside the home, Situ Jing dresses as a man and calls herself Xiao Long Xia. Concerned about the plight of the refugees which the officials have been ignoring, she comes up with various schemes to help them. She meets Emperor Zhu Yun and Bai Yufei, with whom she became sworn brothers…

Super Junior’s Donghae and Siwon for Skip Beat

Less description needed for this one. The duo from my first favorite Kpop band Super Junior did this Taiwanese drama adapted from the Japanese manga of the same name in 2011. Honestly, the drama wasn’t the best, but it was a lot of fun! It was exactly it was supposed to be: a live action of the manga, with all its silliness. Bonus points for having really hot leads ❤


Drama fully subbed on viki


Summary from wikipedia:

High school graduate Gong Xi gives up her chances for university in order to support her childhood friend and romantic goal, Bu Po Shang, in his pop idol career. Upon arriving in Taipei, Gong Xi starts working on multiple jobs in order to support Shang, whose popularity quickly rises, eventually becoming one of the top idols in Taiwan. One day, Gong Xi catches Shang flirting with his manager, and learns that he only used her so she can help him with his living expenses. Heart-broken and betrayed, Gong Xi vows to get revenge by becoming a bigger star. Gong Xi auditions for L.M.E., Taiwan’s largest talent agency, and joins L.M.E.’s new-found department “Love Me” with Jiang Nanqin, also a new recruit. At L.M.E. famous actor Dun He Lian, disgusted by Gong Xi’s reasons for joining the show business, consistently finds ways to annoy and taunt her. As Gong Xi’s acting career starts to take off, she begins to discover a new sense of identity and purpose, separate from her initial plans of revenge. Lian also eventually warms up to her, and although at first in denial, he finds himself falling more and more in love with her.

Super Junior’s Siwon for Fall in Love with You Again

One year after Skip Beat got released, Siwon flew to China to film another drama, this time with Wang Likun and Yuan Hong. This is a more serious drama, but also has its silliness part. I wrote a recap of the first episode previously. There are sadly no eng sub right now.

Summary (from myDramaList): Ling Ming Yu is involved in a car accident at 36 years old. Her soul returns to her former 22 year old self, and she has a chance to redo over her life again. She was unhappily married to Chen Yi and vows not to let the same thing happen again. What will happen when she forms a love triangle with Chen Yi and Qu Hao?

f(x)’s Victoria and Super Junior M’s Zhou Mi for When Love Walked In

Released in 2012, this is a Taiwanese drama starring Victoria, Zhou Mi and Calvin Chen. Ikitten watched that drama and said (with her biased heart) that she reallyyy enjoyed it and made her more excited for even more Victoria dramas.

You can check the show with eng sub on viki


Summary(from wikipedia): Young, talented, and handsome Qin Yu Jiang (Calvin Chen) receives orders to look for Chairman Yuan’s long lost granddaughter, Shen Ya Yin (Victoria/Song Qian). Because her grandfather tried every means to track her down to search for her and to separate her from her father, she and her father often moved houses and hid away from her grandfather when she was young. Eventually, her father fell ill and died. Since then, Ya Yin dislikes her grandfather because she feels that he has ruined her childhood happiness and was part of the cause contributing to her father’s death. Ya Yin’s guardian plotted a plan for her own daughter, Yu Ru (Ya Yin’s cousin) to impersonate as Ya Yin to dupe Chairman Yuan into thinking that she is actually his long lost grand daughter. Yu Jiang gradually enters Ya Yin’s heart but refuses to admit his love for her because she’s Chairman Yuan’s granddaughter. Ya Yin’s evil cousin became an obstacle between Ya Yin and Yu Jiang.


f(x)’s Victoria for Beautiful Secret

In 2015, Victoria’s new drama with Peter Ho got released. But probably already know since you follow our blog 😉 Note that this is not her only drama in mainland as she also filmed CocoTown Romance and Ice Fantasy. Furthermore, her next drama Once Promised is currently been filmed.


Summary (from dramawiki): Beautiful Secret is a romantic idol drama that tells of the challenges of being a singer in the Chinese entertainment industry. 20 years ago, singer Wang Xuan (Li Ying) spent all her savings trying to treat the illness of her daughter, later called Jiang Mei Li, but to no avail. In the end she decidedto give her up for adoption, while hiding the truth from the world. On her wedding day, she leaves to try and find her daughter once again. Mei Li is adopted by Jiang Wei Guo and his wife but she had contracted a high fever and suffered amnesia from it. Unable to find her daughter, Wang Xuan decides to put all her love into her step daughter Xu Rou Lin (Xian Zi). 20 years later, Ruo Lin enters a singing competition to win back her ex-boyfriends, producer Guan Yi (Peter Ho). While coming out to support her sister, Jiang Mei Yan in the same competition, Jiang Mei Li (Victoria Song) ends up being a competitor. During the course of the competition, complicated relationships between love interests and family occur. When Mei Li becomes an overnight sensation by winning the competition, Producer Guan Yi decides to produce her, and at the same time they start to have feelings for each other. This drama will depict a stylish entertainment industry.

Viki Link


2PM’s Nichkhun for Looking for Aurora

Moving on to Victoria’s good friend and past virtual husband, I am talking about Nichkun! The young thai entertainer based in South Korea came to Taiwan to film the 2015 drama Looking for Aurora. I didn’t know it existed before, but I am very pleased to see he worked with the talented Jiro Wang. This drama sadly has no eng sub right now.




2PM’s Nichkhun for One and a Half Summer

This is a cdrama he did in 2014 with Xu Lu, Jiang Jinfu and Weida Xun. This can also be a fun drama to go check out because it is just so pretty and refreshing.

Summary (shorter version of wikipedia’s): “One and a Half Summer” tells the story of a young man named Zhang Hao (Nichkhun) searching for the love of his life that he met in Santorini during a vacation to Greece. Believing that he was destined to be with this mysterious woman, he went all the way to China from New York just to find this mystery girl leaving her college handbook by the name “Luo Man” whom Zhang Hao went looking for at Nanyang University. Zhang Hao immediately found out, however, that “Luo Man” was perhaps another woman whom he never knew before. At this junction, Zhang Hao decides not to give up searching for this peculiar woman.

Link on Viki



–end of list–

I probably forgot a few so feel free to comment below. I will then add them to the (short) list!


10 thoughts on “7 Cdrama/Twdrama Starring Kpop Idols

  1. Jang Nara actually has a bunch of lamest drama’s in Korea expect of Mr Back. Fated to Love you ugh how much I was disguised by this drama all my hated drama-cliches in one place, I dropped immediately in the middle of first episode.

    When Love Walked In was quit enjoyably, while BS disappoint me, story was very predictable and pretty boring.


    • Really? I don’t really check Korean dramas anymore, but I remember enjoying her performance in School 2013. I remember Fated to Love You was such a hit in Taiwan when it came out (the taiwanese version of course). This shows that not all stories should be adapted by any country.
      Agree with you, When Love Walked In is definitely better than Beautiful Secret :3 Both of them have nice eye candy though


      • I can’t believe when people saying their prefere kor Liar Game over japanese. Japanese have it’s unique spirit, story which swallow you and makes deep impression, charismatic leads.While Kor version is candy bar empty inside.


      • Japanese Liar Game was so good! and perfect to transmit the mood of the manga. The Korean one gave a more plastic and clean feeling, which is far from the silly and crazy world the original one was in. Yop, agree with the candy bar empty inside: it is so pretty, but often leaves me feeling empty afterward. Rarely do I get a complete satisfaction when watching kdramas.


  2. mic says:

    didn’t watch any of these except for skip beat that i dropped real quick lol. but omg jang nara looks exactly the same in her old mv.


    • I tried to tough through skip beat since the cast was so nice but also dropped by the end because the drama was way too over exaggerated for me too … Jang Nara is so pretty though and cute though! I loved her in My Bratty Princess


  3. Absolute Boyfriend is probably the only TW-drama that I finished featuring a Korean actress but trust me, I had to drag myself to finish it. I have yet to watch a good C/TW-drama featuring a Kpop idol but I don’t think I ever will because it just always turns me off lol 😂


    • Haha, good job. Honestly, Goo Hye-Sun is such a bad actress that I closed the Boys Over Flower Episode 1 window 5 minutes after she appeared. She has another drama with Zhang Han so be ready to suffer…
      Haha, there are very few kpop idol dramas that were good. Even if the acting was ok, something just felt off. Mischievous Princess with Jang Nara is the exception to the rule!

      Liked by 2 people

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