[Movie] Edge of Innocence with Tao Huang and Yang Caiyu


Finally a project starring Tao that intrigues me! Tao is a past EXO-M member who came back to promote in China in 2015 and since then, he appeared in two variety shows and released multiple MVs.

Edge of Innocence, also known as Summer Portrait of a 19-Year-Old, stars Huang Zitao and Yang Caiyu.  Directed by Zhang Rong Ji. The filming took place in Taiwan.

The male lead Kang Qiao, portrayed by Tao, falls in love with a mysterious girl, portrayed by Yang Caiyu. In his 19-Year-Old summer, he will experience the most dangerous love story of his life.

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Bonus: Tao released a song called The Road this week:

BTS of the movie


4 thoughts on “[Movie] Edge of Innocence with Tao Huang and Yang Caiyu

  1. I am actually quite curious to see how Tao will land compared to his fellow Exo fellows. He doesn’t have the best image, but he is good at both dancing and singing. Let’s see how fair his acting is ^^


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