[Drama] Resume 猎场 with Hu Ge


OMG. This is such a long overdue post. Like, I started compiling information for this one since last fall, but had been waiting for actual stills to come out before releasing it… All this is in vain, because the only goodies that came out since then are the New Year special picture in February. Anyhow, time to release this post from the drafts..

This is a modern drama that I would put between corporate world and thriller. Very exciting as there aren’t many in this genre. Also, the cast is amazing (with Hu Ge as lead of course)! 8D


  • Hu Ge 胡歌 as Zheng Qiu Dong
  • Jian Ren Zi as girlfriend
  • Zu Feng 祖锋 as best friend
  • Zhang Jia Yi 张嘉译
  • Chen Long 陈龙
  • Zhang Ling Zhi
  • Sun Hong Lei 孙红雷
  • Hu Bing 胡兵
  • Dong Yong 董勇
  • Du Jiang 杜江
  • Li Nai Wen 李乃文
  • Li Qiang
  • Zhang Ling Zhi
  • Regina Wan
  • Luo Hai Qiong
  • Xu Ge

The say OTP at this year’s Anhui National Domestic TV Series Ceremony





Cast wishing you a happy new year:

BTS with Hu Ge:


Bonus! I saw this one post on weibo and although it is very delusional, it made me so happy. What if you go to Hu Ge High School? Like, the teacher is Hu Ge from Go Goal Fighting and the other classmates are also Hu Ge, from different dramas. Which seat would you choose? *_*

Hu Ge Univ


6 thoughts on “[Drama] Resume 猎场 with Hu Ge

  1. Cc says:

    Love Hu ge….Laughing my butt off at the Hu Ge high school, would love to attend that school and sit with all the Hu ge but if I was to really choose then I want to sit next to Mei Chang su because he is really smart so he can help me with my homework…. lol


    • Hu Ge so dreamyy! I love his xianxia side so seat no.7 looks good too! Mei Changsu would be too smart and intimidating for me keke But better befriend him cause he is so SMART! ❤


      • cc says:

        lol i agree, MCS is kind of scary and scheming lol but will be a great study buddy while if i was to date one, Di Gua would be the perfect BF and husband lol….


      • Di Gua would be the bf you want to bully a little bit :3 Guo Jing would be a really good husband material too!
        ps; it is ok for double post. I normally leave them there unless commenter want me to delete them 😉


  2. Cc says:

    Ahh Hu ge high school would be awesome. I would love to sit with all of Hu ge but for sure i have to sit next to Mei Chang Su because he is very smart and he can help me on my homework… Lol


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