[Drama] April Star with Nicky Wu and Qi Wei


Hehe, pretty interesting melodrama coming up! Nicky Wu and Qi Wei are both well seasoned actors and it will be fun to see them act in a modern drama together!

The drama started filming April 26th, 2016. The work on the script started two years ago.

Synopsis (spoilers alert!!)

Ye Fanxing, by Qi Wei, is a famous anchorwoman secretly dating a successful businessman Xiao Han, portrayed by Nicky Wu. Hidden Behind their story are many obstacles.

Ten years ago, Fanxing’s little sister died in a car accident. She decides to be stronger and replace her sister in her mother’s heart. Fu Xia, portrayed by Ren Yankai (Tiny Times Saga), decides to pursue Fanxing only to discover she is dating his uncle. Mi Siyue, portrayed by Zuo Hang, who secretly love Xiao Han, becomes the best friend of Fanxing. When Fanxing discover Siyue is her long lost sister and her mother is her own biological mother, she decides to hide the truth and let everyone be happy. Her struggles between truth and lies will allow her to find her own happiness.

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