[AWESOME] Old Nine Gates Gives Us OTP


You thought the kiss scene in Journey of Flower was too much? You thought the bed scene in Legend of Zu satisfied your shipping heart? Wrong! Zhao Liying and William Chan are ready to surprise you in Old Nine Gates!!!


On the eve of the Battle of ChangSha, a mysterious train is travelling with the male lead Zhang Qishan in it. As the story goes on, Zhang Qishan with the help of his newly made friend ErYue Hong finds a tomb with a big secret. (Oh, and they both fall in love with the female leads) Both are part of the Old Nine Gates, a group composed of nine members. They off play the Japanese people before the Battle of Changsha and saved hundred of lives. At the end, an epic battle happens between the troops led by Zhang Qishan and the Japanese invaders.

Please discuss and fangirl with us!!!~ I am in love with every single picture!

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Bonus gifs of Big Boss William Chan



24 thoughts on “[AWESOME] Old Nine Gates Gives Us OTP

    • intellectualkitten says:

      These pictures are so nice I want to cry TT^TT I thought Liying would play a more studious girl, guess I am wrong 😛


      • Well, I definitely didn’t expect less from the Queen 😉
        Joke aside, it is a really daring concept and completely different from her usual image (although this is definitely not her first love scene). Her and William looks like the perfect couple based from the stills, even better than Legend of Zu! ❤


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I didn’t recognize them when I first saw the pictures, they are indeed very bold! Even in the BTS, they look super comfortable together, makes me wonder when we can watch the drama ><


  1. Oh my…..really didn’t expect this~! XD Was anticipating before but worried that not everyone will get to shine (especially Zhao Liying, since hers is a made-up character)…guess I was wrong~ XD


    • Same, considering her role was first promoted as a cameo, I didn’t expect them to give her the spotlight for such highlight scenes~ ^^ I hope she will appear a lot because I am definitely going to watch it for her and William Chan! omg, so exciting!

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  2. I am currently watching Legend of Zu because I have nothing better to do with life currently.. Lol I must say, William and Li Ying have like zero chemistry in this series. I love Li Ying’s character and even her love rival Zhou Qing Yun.. Idk what it is about William but he just doesn’t have any emotions of his face. His acting doesn’t convince me at all. I sound a bit biased huh? Sorry William Chan fans. I’ve tried really hard but I don’t find myself rooting for him throughout more than half the series. (Currently on 36/52) Less than half way through the series, I find myself root for the supporting actor Wu Gui instead. He is cute, interesting and his interactions with Wu Xin (Li Yin’s character) was so much more enjoyable. I really wanna watch Old Nine Gates, but I am afraid William will not be able to pull it off like he did with Legend of Zu. 😦 am I the only one who feels this way? What are your thoughts?


    • I would lie if I said I didn’t feel the same way. There are a few really romantic scenes in Legend of Zu with the right landscapes and mood, but I just couldn’t completely get into it. And the reason was partly because of William Chan’s “expressionless” love. I watched the first 10 episodes and then skipped through and watched the available clips online.. so this drama is definitely a failure for me compared to other Liying dramas 😦
      I am worried for Old Nine Gates (or The Mystic Nine as they changed their name recently) but for a different reason. I realize William Chan has a bit more expression in some of his other dramas and based on the trailer/stills, I feel like the Chemistry is really good. I also really like his uniform and his action scene so I still look out for William’s performance :3. But Lay worries me. I love that sheep, but his acting looks so bad. ah lala…

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      • Thank you! I thought I was being too harsh or something. From his ugly bangs to his rockstar like costumes… I cannot stand any of it. I’ll just visualize Hu Ge or some other actor instead. Hahaha I am just watching this for Li Ying and bc the OST is pretty good. I just spent like 2 hours hunting down all the songs from this series. Lol who is Lay? I’ll give Old Nine Gates a shot since you recommend it. 🙂


      • Haha, no no. William Chan is so handsome though 😉 Yes, the songs are really good! Honestly, they worked so hard for this drama so I am disappointed I didn’t like it. Also, I think it will be release in Taiwan this month so I am curious how the people there will receive this drama.
        Ok! Watch it with me :3 I can guarantee you that Liying will look awesome in it :3 Lay is a kpop idol who is active in China. I like him for his personality, singing and dancing talents. However, his acting had been a miss for me so far 😦 Hope Old Nine Gates will be a good surprise


      • Lol, I never thought William was handsome. I mean he isn’t ugly but he’s not my cup of tea I suppose. Li Ying and the rest of the cast did very well.. She cried in almost episode. Lol I hope she is drinking more water to replenish her body. Can’t wait to see her new series!! I’ll be waiting for be English subtitles to come out so I might not be able to watch it with you. 😦

        Lol thanks for the clarifications about Lay!


      • Haha, I never thought he was handsome in Legend of Zu, but his appearance on Happy Camp as well as the stills from Old Nine Gates make him shine so much in my eyes *_* Yop, poor Liying suffered so much 😦 Good thing she loves to drink water!
        One of the good things of casting Lay is that he has a strong international fanbase so maybe we will get the eng subs really fast ^^

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