Entertainment Update: Casting News, Bounty Hunters, Sparrow


New entertainment update! This one has a long exciting news in my opinion.. Finally, summer is back *.*

Graduation Season announced its cast! This drama will be produced by Korean entertainment company SM and stars Krystal (from f(x)) and Deng Yun (Fifteen Years). Looks like Lay bailed out, but I can’t blame him…


Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang held their first press conference and will start filming this week. The trending drama stars Angelababy, Wallace Chung, and Sun Yizhou


Rain and Victoria has been casted in 八月未央 (loosely translated as August Weiyang)


New movie Detective Hawthorne is based on the 《霍桑探案集》book series and will star Han Geng and Zhang Huiwen as the leads.

New drama Phoenix Warriors 《鳳凰無雙》 has a mouthful for a cast: Wang Likun, Zheng Yuan Chang, Ding Zijun, and Zhang Xiaolong.


Trailer for Sparrow starring Li Yifeng, Zhou Dongyu, and Zhang Ruoyun is out! I was released on Yifeng’s birthday 🙂


Posters for Bounty Hunter with Lee Minho, Wallace Chung, and Tang Yan. Hehe, Tang Yan is such a Bond girl 🙂

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We just announced the cast, and the stills are already out! Memory Lost starring Yang Rong and Bai Yu is moving at a fast speed 🙂

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More character stills for the upcoming cdrama Left Ear.

1 2

Exciting stills for the drama Precious Youth with lead Liu Shishi and second male lead Li Haoxuan.

3 4 5

One big poster for the new drama Marine Fire 烈火海洋.


And Jia Nailiang in Magical Space Time

7 8 9

Finally, the drama Princess Agent starring Lin Gengxin and Zhao Liying will start filming soon! Chu Qiao, portrayed by Liying, is an agent turned into princess



10 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Casting News, Bounty Hunters, Sparrow

  1. ssmileforlife says:

    Hi girls! Welcome back! 😀 I’m looking forward to watch Phoenix Unique 😀 I know this name. Phoenix Warriors must be direct translation. I wanted to watch again Wang Likun and Joe Cheng after thier collaboration in The Beloved. I’m so happy for this 😀


    • Hi there! Yop, it felt like such a long time since we wrote about Wang Likun :O So the official name is Phoenix Unique? Will try to keep that in mind 😛 Omg, I need to check out The Beloved soon, I remember how much I liked the trailer :3


      • ssmileforlife says:

        I’m looking forward to read more article about Wang Likun 😀 I would like to read about “Across the Ocean to See You”. It seems like this drama will be so funny. Also I’m waiting english subtitles for The Beloved. I really want to watch it!


      • Ok! Will try to keep track of Wang Likun news for you 😉 Across the Ocean to See You does look to be a lot of fun and I really like the visual. I am sure the acting will be top notch too! Omg, poor you. Having to wait for eng sub 😦 Hope it comes out soon enough~


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