[Variety Show] List of Episodes and Guests for The Negotiator Season 1


Hi guys! I feel like currently, there isn’t that many good shows to watch. So instead of waiting patiently for the upcoming summer dramas, maybe you want to catch up on variety shows? One of the best variety shows that was released this fall/winter is the Negotiator which can also be called Ace vs Ace or Joker vs Joker. It kind of had rotational MCs with Bai Baihe, Wang Zulam and Xie Na. I really liked the show and felt that there were SO MANY guests in each episode. This post is to help me navigate through the episodes and look out for your faves 😉

Ps; I put eng sub if they seemed to be available, but not all episodes have eng sub right now.

Ps2; Spoiler alert!!!!

Episode 1: Run Brother vs. Alliance Union

[Official MC: Wang Zulam, Bai Baihe]

Team Run Brother 奔跑吧兄弟: Wang Zulam, Deng Chao, Luhan, Angelababy, Zheng Kai, Li Chen, Chen He

Team Alliance Union挑战者联盟: Bai Baihe, Kris Wu Yifan, Lin Gengxin, Fan Bingbing, De Peng, Chen Handian

Winner:  Alliance Union

Episode 2: Wulin vs Crouching Tiger

Team Wulin aka Swordsman: Wang Zulam, Hong Jiantao, Wang Shasha, Ni Hongjie, Jiang Chao, Xiao Jian, Sha Yi, Yan Ni, Zhang Baizhi, Huang Rihua, Tao Huang

Team Crouching Tiger: Bai Baihe, Michelle Yeoh, Liu Chengyu, Yang Di, Qiao Shan, Song Xiaobao, Wu Lei, A Ya, Tony Leung Ka Fei

Winner: Crouching Tiger

Episode 3: Over the Top Comedy vs. Down to Earth Drama

Team Over the Top Comedy: Wang Zulam, Pan Changjiang, Caiming, Ceng Zhiwei, Chen Teng, Ma Li, Bai Kainan, Yang Di + (Helpers: Fu Yiwei, Xue Li, Dai Chunrong)

Team Down to Earth Drama: Bai Baihe, Sun Xiaobao, Liu Xiaogong, Wang Xiaoli, Pang Ya, Yang Bing, Chen Chunyang, Wen Song

Winner: Down to Earth Drama

Episode 4: Monster Hunt vs. Monkey King 2 cast

Team Monster Hunt: Bai Baihe, Jing Boran, Ceng Zhiwen, Yan Ni, Wang Lixin, Wu Mochou

Team Monkey King 2: Wang Zulam, Aaron Kwok, William Feng Shaofeng, Xiao Shengyang, Him Law, Liang Yongqi, Han Geng, Wu Xin, Huang Cancan

Winner: Jing Boran and Xiao Shengyang

Episode 5: Xie Na vs Wang Zulam

[change female MC from Bai Baihe to Xie Na]

Xie Na’s friends: Xie Na, Chen He, Li Chen, Zheng Kai, Gao Yunxiang, Jimmy Lin

Wang Zulam’s friends: Wang Zulam, Ada Choi, Ma Su, Song Jia, Huo Siyuan, Charlene Choi, Li Yanan (wife)

Winner: Xie Na’s friends

Episode 6: 80s vs 90s

Team 80s: Wang Zulam, Mikey He, Charlene Choi, Ady An, Xie Yilin, Ren Xianqi, Gu Juji, Cecilia Cheung

Team 90s: Xie Na, Chopsticks Brother, Lin Gengxin, Jiang Jinfu, Zhou Dongyu, Zhang Huiwen, Hua Chenyu

Winner: 90s team

Episode 7: Idol Competition

[Wang Zulam couldn’t come for this episode and was replaced]

Youth: Xie Na, TFBoys (Yi Yang Qian Xi, Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan), Yue Yunpeng

Classic: Hu Hai Quan, S.H.E (Selina, Ella), Wang Leehom, Chen Han Dian

Winner: Youth team

Episode 8: Funny vs Charismatic

[Xie Na couldn’t come in for this episode]

Team Funny: Wang Zulam, Sun Xiaobao, Pan Changjiang, Zhang Weijiang, Wu Junru, Yu Yang

Team Charismatic: Hai Qing, Liu Yan, Ning Jing, Nuan Jingtian, Ma Tianyu, Yang Xuwen

Winner: Charismatic team

Episode 9: Period Bold vs Graceful Goddesses

Team Bold: Wang Zulam, Shereng Tang, Deng Cuiwen, Ada Choi, Zhang Ting, Zhang Yu Qi, Wang Likun, Wang Lixin

Team Graceful: Xie Na, Ning Jing, Xu Fan, Yuan Shanshan, Zhang Xinyi, Ma Li, Song Xiaobao + bonus Steve Ma

Winner: Graceful Team

Episode 10: Real life vs On Screen Couples

[last episode of Wang Zulam as he must start filming Run Brother]

Team Real Life: Wang Zulam, Jordan Chan, Ying Cai Er, Du Jiang, Huo Siyan, Sha Yi, Hu Ke

Team On Screen: Xie Na, Wu Xiubo, Tang Wei, Ella, Wu Chun, Liu Haoran, Ouyang Nana

Winner: On Screen Couples Team

Episode 11: L.O.R.D Special

Team Xie Na aka Team Learners: Xie Na, William Chan, Yan Yikuan, Amber Guo, Wang Duo

Team Guo Jing Ming aka Team Pro: Guo Jingming, Lin Yun, Wang Yuan, Chen Xuedong, Sheng Yilun

Winner: Xie Na Team (but they divided the glory at the end by doing the final mission together)

6 thoughts on “[Variety Show] List of Episodes and Guests for The Negotiator Season 1

  1. omggg the whole time I didn’t know which variety show did Ady-Mike & Ella-Chun joined in together as reunited onscreen OTP until you posted this 😂 so thank you very much!! really hoping that the rest of the episodes could get subs huhu was able to watch the 1st episode but I still wanted to see more of the 2 popular sets of cast fighting and more FBB-ABB action hihi since they’re the goddesses of course. Thanks again for always posting such wonderful articles!


    • Welcome sweetie! I thought it would be nice to have a list of all the guests to help people navigate through this great (but confusing) variety show! I know! So many OTP were able to come on this show and my heart is so happy

      Liked by 1 person

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