[Review] Go Fighting! Season 2 Ep. 1-3


I was supposed to write a review for Go! Fighting three weeks ago but I procrastinated (since I have so much to say) ^^”. You can believe me, watching Go! Fighting is the best part of every week; and that is saying a lot since I am on vacation :P… Here are my comments for the first three episodes of season 2 ^^

Episode 1: The crew is been held prisoner on the Dog Planet. They are now given a chance to gain freedom: find each other on Earth and together save the Dog King. (Skimmeddrama did a review here) Here are my favourite moments:

Introducing… Dog Huang Bo and Dog Sun Honglei! Guess who is who 😛

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Sun Honglei x2


Song Honglei and his individual task: using a magnifying glass to cut a rope xD

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Show Luo and his individual task.. I mean, punishment?


Episode 2: Three Kingdom themed episode! Everyone is divided into the three kingdom: Wu, Wei and Shu. They each have a balloon and each team, a general. If you pop the balloon of a soldier, you are eliminated; if you pop the balloon of a general, everyone in the opposite kingdom will be eliminated. The game is divided in multiple segments and the team that gains the most life points win. Favourite moments:

For this episode, Huang Bo and Sun Honglei were paired together… scary!


Team Show Luo decided to give Show Luo the name of general for each new round.. because no one would guess they placed the title on SL three times in a row right? This is how the team got eliminated in 5minutes each time they are revived x)


The clear winner of the second game. I love how arrogant Show Luo was and then Huang Bo came to cut all the ropes


Episode 3: Do you want to go on a trip to Hainan Island? Attention, you only have 3000 steps to arrive to the airport. Sun Honglei and Huang Bo get their pedometers stolen and their numbers pass from 260->960 and 5->1010 respectively. Then, there is a serious of group games. If they lose, everyone loses 500 steps and one person must be drop.

Sun Honglei asking the public to bring him to the convenience store without walking. Funny thing is the guy accidentally held his left foot, forgetting that the pedometer is on his right foot.


My favourite game of the episode, Count the legs! Everyone enters in individual rooms and together, they must bring exactly 15 legs. In most rooms, there is only rabbits (4 legs) and chicken (2 legs) but in Show Luo’s room, there are fried chicken leg (1 leg). When Show Luo told HB he took 5 legs, HB said, “what kind of animal has 5 legs?” < a funny reference to Mermaid 2016 😛


When SHL came out, they already had exactly 15 legs so everyone was hoping he didn’t take anything. He proudly declared, “I gave it a lot of thinking and…VOILA!” while showing his 1 rabbit + 1 chicken xD


Huang Bo helping everyone go the airport without stepping on the floor

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4 thoughts on “[Review] Go Fighting! Season 2 Ep. 1-3

  1. Third episode is da best! OMG I felt so sad when they had to eliminate 2 members by the second half and it was a pleasure to see the producers actually didn’t mean it. I love seeing all 6 of them working together. Ps; that last game where everyone are in different room is so much fun and has a bit of psychology. Huang Bo is so smart indeed!

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    • intellectualkitten says:

      Third episode is so funny! Hehe, I love how the producers are slowly becoming the bros of the cast and they can easily mingle bts.
      Agree with you, the lack of guests actually give more color to the show
      Yep, even Huang Lei got fooled~


      • I know, so casual. I like when Show Luo was like, come here cameraman, let me ride you to save on step counts 😉
        Huang Lei was so close yet so close. I like how Huang Bo still had to go through the “punishment” haha, evil Wang Xun.
        This season is so much fun!

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