Entertainment Update: L.O.R.D, Casting News, Once Promised, Memory Lost


Good Monday! Some really exciting casting news, the announcement of one extra drama to be released in May, BTS of the very hyped Once Promised, and even more stills! 😀

Good news for xianxia drama fans. Chinese Paladin 5 will be released this month on May 23rd.


Media reporting that Zhang Zixuan and Chen He are expecting a baby. Whatever their history, a birth of a human is always a great thing so congratulations!


Awesome casting news I am fully behind. New Chinese-Korean drama Pretty Her 漂亮的她 will star Dili Reba and possibly Sheng Yilun. Hunan apparently already bought the rights to release it…


SNSD’s YoonA didn’t impress me much in God of War Zhao Yun, but here is her second chance! She will star in a new drama 三途 Three Ways based on novel 三途志 with male lead Ma Tianyu. Once again, Hunan is getting involved as they want this hot idol drama to air on their channel 😉 By the way, those two came on Happy Camp this week-end so you want to check that episode out. Classic Lin Gengxin made me laugh so much and Yoona just puts a smile on my face. Ruby Lin and Ma Tianyu were also awesome!

Wallace Chung is cast for his next novel to drama adaptation 一路繁花相送 Flowers in Both Hands All the Way.


New project 刺客列傳 Men with Sword is produced by Sohu.


New comedy drama She Is Pretty will start filming and will star Zhang Xinyi, Guo Jingfei, Zhu Yongteng, Chen Zheyuan and Zhou Shixuan. Apparently, there are no direct link to the Korean drama of the same name, but you can expect something similar to Pride and Prejudices.

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Drama 上古情歌 Ancient Love Story is the on-screen adaptation of novel Once Promised and stars Huang Xiaoming and Victoria Song. Well, it seems like they released the first BTS of the leads together today. Take a look.

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Movie L.O.R.D directed by Guo Jingming and starring Fan Bingbing, William Chan, Chen Xuedong, Amber Guo, Lin Yun, Aarif Rahman and Roy Wang released a huge photoshoot of the cast. Let the hype begin!

2 3

More stills of Memory Lost starring Yang Rong and her harem.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

More posters for Zhang Tian Ai‘s My Fair Lady. It will be released in June.

1 2 3 4

More stills for To Be a Better Man focused on Lay.

0 1 2 3 4 5

Guli Nezha looking especially pretty in these stills for First Love.

1 2 3 4


6 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: L.O.R.D, Casting News, Once Promised, Memory Lost

  1. intellectualkitten says:

    Agree! Guli Nazha is shining in all her recent pictures ;D I am so excited for Yoona+Ma Tianyu, they look adorable together!

    I may watch Chinese Paladin 5 😀 Thanks


    • Welcome! Tell me if it is good because I was actually thinking to skip it … will see xD
      Guli Nezha so pretty I feel like watching her parts in God of War soon.
      Yoona and Ma Tianyu will be an easy visual and may finally push Ma Tianyu to mainstream first lead. The few he had male leads in so far had all been quiet low-key…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hannah says:

    Whoa…that’s a lot of Guli Nazha’s dramas back-to-back.

    Yoona again? Why not promote your own artist? I suppose China is going for international appeal.

    p.s. I’ve been a silent reader, but I decided to join. I’m glad you’re a huge fan of ZLY bc I can’t find her updates anywhere else. Hehe


    • I agree! I feel like First Love will also be released for summer based on the stills..
      China has so many artists and so many projects. In recent years, it really became a pot-pourri with tones of nationalities and a stronger taste of “kimchi” 😉 I used to be disappointed at the high Hallyu stars casting news, but I mean, my faves are still having the best roles so I should probably stop complaining xD
      Haha, thanks! Actually, if you want even more ZLY news, you can follow her instagram or also go to avirtualvoyage which has a high ZLY fanbase too (although I am proud to say this blog is a pretty good one itself hehe). Love to read comments so thanks a lot and feel free to share your thoughts!! 😉


  3. Little Fish says:

    Sadly, Happy Camp has no Eng sub. I can’t catch Yoona & LGX there. I wish CP 5 will have good plot. Since the main leads isn’t so popular, I doubt it will good like CP & CP 3. Anyway, I hope Viki will sub it.


    • I think you can wait a week and it will be out. Fans to sub all the Happy Camp episodes with kpop idols 😉 Hope so too! Viki likes to pick popular dramas and I am sure a lot of people will be looking forward to the sequel of such a popular franchise 😉


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