Whirliwnd Girl Season 2 with Ji Changwook, Chen Xiang and An Xuexi


Little Tang Bao being a female lead. ^^ I am so happy as a proud “auntie”? After all, I saw her grow from a little insect to her current female lead role with Hallyu star Ji Changwook. With both Hu Bingqing and Yang Yang backing down for Whirlwind Girl Season 2, Chen Xiang will now have a new love interest (An Xuexi) and a new love rival (Chang Jiwook). Ahhh, why not just give the male lead role to Chen Xiang this time. Didn’t he suffer enough from the first season?

I wrote the recaps for the first season and covered the still released extensively last summer. You can read the recaps of season 1 by following these links:

2015 Whirlwind Girl 旋风少女 Ep. 1 / Ep. 2-3 / Ep. 4 / Ep. 5-8/Ep.9-12/Ep.13-16/Ep.17-20/Ep.21-24/Ep.25-32 [end]

Here are the first stills of the rivalry between the two taekwondo pros!

2 3 4 5 6 7

From the Press Conference a few weeks ago

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


15 thoughts on “Whirliwnd Girl Season 2 with Ji Changwook, Chen Xiang and An Xuexi

  1. Maivo says:

    After seeing all those pictures of Ji Chang Wook & little An Yue Xi… I seriously can’t wait to watch this new series. Still miss my Yang Yang though 😭


  2. Ann says:

    Hey guys, what is a good (somewhat, light-hearted and enjoyable) drama would you recommend to watch? I’ve really only watched ZLY dramas, but she hasn’t had anything come out this year yet… and I couldn’t really get into Legend of Zu 😦


    • intellectualkitten says:

      You can try Hu Ge’s Go Goal Fighting!, definitely a funny light hearted story. However, it is for a younger audience so you may get bored by some storylines… but it is similar to whirlwind girl 🙂

      If you like older dramas: Yi Zhi Mei with Wallace Huo and Liu Shi Shi is one of the best wu xia/comedy drama out there 😛 Or wait for the new dramas Chinese Paladin 5 and Les Interpretes to come out ^^


    • I see ikitten already recommend you some good ones. I see that both Ode to Joy and With You (a webdrama starring Liu Haoran) are receiving a lot of love right now. I honestly didn’t watch many dramas this year so far so I can’t give many advice ;(

      same, I like Legend of Zu’s OTP but the drama plot just doesn’t interest me much. v_v


  3. Jo says:

    Aw man, Chen Xiang looks so good in these new stills! Definitely going to miss Yang Yang, though. :[

    It’s interesting that Chen Xiang and Chang Jiwook have such similarly styled hair in this drama. It’s a good thing they’re from different taekwondo dojos and thus have different uniforms. 😛


    • Same! What I first noticed is how the two male leads have the same haircut. I was like who is who? Especially considering they are not wearing their uniforms here.
      Chen Xiang looks so good (like always). YY is the perfect “senpai” so I will miss his perfect look for the role 😦 But I am sure Ji Changwook will do the drama justice so let’s wait and see.


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