[Anticipation Post] Precious Youth with Liu Shishi and Zheng Kai


I will probably wait for all the episodes to be released before starting this drama, but I am sure one or two of our readers are excited to see Precious Youth with Liu Shishi and Zheng Kai on the small screen starting on May 10th!

Release date: May 10th, 2016


  • Liu Shishi
  • Zheng Kai
  • Cao Weiyu
  • Li Haoxuan
  • Liu Dongqin
  • Liu Jie
  • Wang Chao
  • Zhang Linfeng
  • and more

Number of episodes: 35


This drama tells the love story of Liu Ting (Liu Shishi), an exemplary student who loves dance and literature, and Xiao Xiaojun (Zheng Kai), a naughty and bad student. The story follow their lives from 1997, when they were only 17 year old, to 2004. AS any other modern dramas, the two must struggles through career swifts and love rivals.

New 15-Minutes trailer:

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5 minutes trailer

17 minutes trailer

First trailer released

MV Everything But If by Janine Chang and Reno Wang

Group Selfie



6 thoughts on “[Anticipation Post] Precious Youth with Liu Shishi and Zheng Kai

  1. my first comment ever since your big move here hihi anyway, is Zheng Kai a good drama actor? Not actually interested to watch this because I don’t really like him based on the vibe that he gives off and he’s also one of my least fave RM members 😂 but Shishi is just so pretty here that I can’t help but wish that someone else should’ve played the role of the male lead lol


    • Yes! Welcome! 😀
      Zheng Kai wasn’t bad in Best Get Going last year, but he is not really such a great actor. I actually like him on Run Brother though :’D Anyway, in general, I feel like this role fits him (the annoying teenager). I feel like watching for the first few episodes and see afterward. Haha, I love Liu Shishi’s smile in the trailer. It melts me. I wish they could had paired her with Chen Xiao :X

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jess says:

        Ooh yes Chen Xiao! I was just thinking that with these youth–> adulthood dramas, it’s so hard to cast actors/actresses that are convincing as both a 17 year old and an adult but Chen Xiao’s baby face would have been so perfect for those roles.


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