Weibo Popularity Ranking + Vlinkage + YouGov


Hi there. I remember lifewithdramas used to write these posts before and I always found them quiet interesting because they gave a good impression on who is popular on weibo this week. And since we didn’t write any ranking post for a while, I thought I could translate this one to keep you updated. I also added the vlinkage ranking of the day so you have a better idea of what could be fun to watch 😉 Hope you enjoy! Not: I will not write this type of post everyweek.

Weibo Ranking


  1. Li Yifeng
  2. Luhan
  3. Wang Junkai
  4. Wang Kai
  5. Yang Mi
  6. Yi Yang Qian Xi
  7. Lay Zhang Yixing
  8. Johnny Huang
  9. Zhao Liying
  10. Kris Wu


Note: Vlinkage is a day to day basis ranking. So being low on the list could also mean it was a one time thing for a drama and not represent its overall performance.


Variety Shows:

  1. Run Brother Season 4
  2. Go Fighting Season 2
  3. Come Sing With Me
  4. We Are In Love
  5. To See Your Voice
  6. Who is the Singing God (?) 谁是大歌神
  7. Fresh drops through Sunday (?) 透鲜滴星期天
  8. Run for Time
  9. Love Battle
  10. Extraordinary Help (?) 笑傲帮



  1. My Amazing Boyfriend 我的奇妙男友
  2. Revive 重生之名流巨星
  3. With You 最好的我们
  4. Cosmetic Season (?) 整容季
  5. Jue Min Gua Shi 绝命卦师
  6. Deep Well Canteen 深井食堂
  7. Embarassing Journey 2 (?) 囧西游2
  8. Where Are You 慎点
  9. Ultimate Ranger (?) 终极游侠
  10. The Legend of Emperor Qinlong 乾隆秘史



  1. Ode to Joy
  2. I am Dulala
  3. Little Husband
  4. My Amazing Boyfriend
  5. God of War Zhao Yun
  6. Revive
  7. Classics of Mountains and Seas
  8. Seven Deadly
  9. Love Puzzle Sleeping Beauty 情谜睡美人
  10. Magical Space Time




8 thoughts on “Weibo Popularity Ranking + Vlinkage + YouGov

  1. intellectualkitten says:

    Hehe… it is amazing that Ode of Joy is winning a mile away every single day!!
    Go Fighting sadly does not have the fanbase of Run Brother at all, partly because it does not attract elementary school students or families… 😛 Still, I am extremely proud of this show 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am not that surprised. It is honestly lacking good dramas these days and Ode to Joy had been on the weibo top search list for a few weeks now! It is well deserved though as it has all the elements to success (cast, story, real life appeal). Good job!
      Go Fighting actually isn’t since it is number 2! And we all know it is the superior variety show 😉 Omg, I have such a crush on Huang Lei. Too bad he is married 😦


    • Little Fish says:

      I love GF 2 so much & Huang Bo is everything but RM S4 is also enjoyable & Deng Chao is the world. Watched both of them & enjoyed it so much.

      Liked by 1 person

      • intellectualkitten says:

        Hey! I also watch both! And we must have the same tastes because my favorites are also Deng Chao and Huang Bo >.< Uncle crushes :"D
        I love how simple the games are in RB4 and it is easy to follow and have some laughs. However, I enjoy GF2 more for the deepness of the relationships.


  2. Lizzie says:

    Glad to see My Amazing Boyfriend doing well! It’s really quite hilarious and well written . Give it a try! I started Ode To Joy but QXX’s voice was just too grating ….


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