[Drama] Princess Weiyoung with Tang Yan, Luo Jin and Vanness Wu


New pretty stills were released for drama Princess Weiyoung starring Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Vanness Wu and Mao Xiaotong (aka Rachel Mao). It is aiming for a 2016 release on Beijing TV.

I am being lazy so I will  just copy past the information I wrote previously:

Chinese name of the drama is 锦绣未央.

The story:

She is the Third daughter of the Royal Northern country family, but never got the love of her parents. This is because she was born in February, on a day of bad luck. Hence, she lives eight years of misfortune and later is betrayed by the people she loves. One day, the palace was attacked and her whole family is destroyed. Weiyang is the only one to survive. Seems like the gods want to give her a second chance and she takes it. After all, why t being born on a bad luck day means you must be bullied by others? The story is about palace schemes and romance.


Tang Yan 唐嫣 will play Princess Li Weiyang 李未央: Born as a princess. A little bratty, smart and tomboy since young, due to the sudden attack, she becomes the Li Weiyang, the daughter of her new adopted family. Because she is full of a hatred toward the enemy government, she becomes stronger and more careful. She however keeps her innocence and good heart the whole time. At the end, she understands that war is part of life and at some level needed.

Luo Jing 羅晉 will play male lead, 拓拔浚 Ta Baju: Prince who is heartwarming and a good person, he is liked by everyone especially the king. He always got the best education in the kingdom. He is afraid of getting the crown after the king’s death since this would put his mother in danger. Will fall in love with Li Weiyoung.

Wu Jianhao (Vanness Wu) 吳建豪 will play 王爺 拓跋余 Ta Bayu: The other prince. Had to go through a hard childhood, he has claustrophobia (scarred of confined space) and has a cold personality. His life dream is to become the king so that everyone will be underling him. He is attracted to the intelligence of Li Weiyoung and wants to use her in his ultimate challenge. However, he gets refused. Hence, he hates his older brother Ta Bajun even more.

Other Cast:

  • Rachel Mao 毛晓彤 as Li Changru 李常茹, the sister of Li Weiyoung
  • Li Xin Ai 李心艾 will play will play number 1 beauty 李長樂 Li Zhangle
  • Liang Zhunlun 梁振伦 will play 李敏德, a Northern Kingdom general
  • Liu Ximing 刘锡明 will play 拓跋焘 Ta Badao, the Northern Kingdom Princess
  • Nan Fulong 南伏龙 will play 李敏峰 Li Minfeng, eldest son of the Li family
  • Tian Li 田丽 as 蒋柔 Jiang Rou, the wife of the Li Xiaoran from the Li family
  • Bai Fan 白凡 as 李萧然 Li Xiaoran
  • Wang Yanzhi 王妍之 as Jun Tao, Li Weiyoung’s servant girl
  • Mu Len En 穆乐恩 as 白芷 Bai Chi, the other servant girl of Li Weiyoung
  • Peng Dou Dou 彭豆豆 as 李常喜 Li Changxi, the fourth daughter of the Li family
  • Chen Qian 陈倩 as 拓跋迪 Di Tuoba, a past princess
  • Wang Liyuan 王丽媛 as 老祖母, the old “grandma” in the Li family, loves Li Weiyoung

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Bonus: Two fanmade character stills

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11 thoughts on “[Drama] Princess Weiyoung with Tang Yan, Luo Jin and Vanness Wu

  1. intellectualkitten says:

    I am no longer excited for this drama, partly because it contains a lot of deja vu elements (cough cough OTP), but the stills are very nice 🙂 Thanks for the article Archidisign!


    • I am still curious about this drama, although those stills looks way too clean. Like there is no angsts, no real drama. It feels like an idol drama playing around (which reminds me of God of War Zhao Yun). Especially for palace drama, I feel like we need a few older actors to balance it out…


  2. I’ve been so excited for this ever since I heard that one of my great loves (Vanness) is starring in this as his first drama after 4 years + his 1st C-drama 😍 It makes me cry that he’s just the 2nd male lead but what makes me even cry is that he will definitely be dubbed here boohoo 😦


    • Boohoo indeed. He rarily has Cdrama so I hope this one will be really good. I loved him so much in Autumn Concerto with Ady An. He is the character I am looking out the most for with Rachel Mao ! :3 Plus, with Tang Yan as lead, I bet it will be rating success!

      Liked by 1 person

      • omggg same!!! He used to be my least fave F4 member until I watched him in AC huhu that drama = life! Really hoping for the best as well because he’s been very aggressive on Twitter regarding his Hollywood dream so being able to finally land in China can be a good launching board for him 😀


      • Omg, agressive on Twitter… Oh lala. I really like his acting and I thought he could definitely be called a successful in Taiwan. II think Princess Weiyoung is definitely a great start, but I don’t know about launching his career in Hollywood xD Well, I am sure he will be casted in a lot of other stuff soon ^^

        Liked by 1 person

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