Entertainment Update: To Be a Better Man, Pali Road, First Love, No One’s Life Is Easy


After compiling this list I realized that there are actually a lot of kpop news… Anyway, hope you like it ^^ There are a lot of stills for modern dramas these days.

Did you know Chen Xiao is on the variety show Queen?


New movie Proud of Love will be about teenager first love.


I didn’t notice at first, but Michelle Chen is currently filming a Hollywood movie. Pali Road 夏威夷之戀 stars her, Jackson Rathbone, and Sung Kang. Movie was shot in Hawai so expect pretty landscape 😉

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More stills and an actual trailer for First Love starring Hawick Lau, Guli Nezha and Sun Yizhou.

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William Chan‘s movie with Jessica I Love That Little Crazy Thing will be released in August.


More stills for Yuan Shanshan, Exo’s Park Chanyeol and SNSD’s Seohyun‘s movie No One’s Life is Easy.

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Tao Huang released his new MVs The Road and Hello, Hello.

Seems like To Be a Better Man is promoting the bromance with this round of stills starring Sun Honglei and Lay. I am happy for them! ^^

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Another drama that is releasing stills is Magical Space-Time with Ruby Lin and Jia Nailiang.

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New drama Don’t Go Breaking My Heart starring Zhang Li and Lu Yi.

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Jay Chou released his new MV Stolen Love, 2 minutes version.

To end it all, picture of the Queen Fan Bingbing



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