Entertainment Update: Time Raiders, Battle of Memories, Phantom of the Theater, Yes Mr.Fashion


There is a small controversy to talk about as well as some more positive ones. Trailers and stills got released even more and we have some interesting casting news.

New controversy for Lost Tomb/Time Raiders… Well well well, apparently Jing Boran and Luhan‘s companies are in a feud right now. I don’t really understand completely, but let me explain what I read. Jing Boran’s company published on May 8th that they are unhappy with the multiple online rumors saying that JBR used dirty measures to get the role (? or do something that now causes a bad image to Jing Boran) and says those rumors are spread by Luhan’s company. They want to start a lawsuit. Luhan’s company responded the next day saying that this is all petty talk and they only want to the best for the final product…

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In the movie, Luhan takes Li Yifeng‘s role Wu Xie and Jing Boran takes Yang Yang‘s role Kylin. Oh well, with how messy the drama adaptation with Li Yifeng and Yang Yang ended up becoming, I think that we can’t really blame the actors, but only the bad management of the companies involved. Anyhow, the trailer got released so enjoy ^^


Anothe scandal happened in the last few days and it is Zhang Xinyu‘s kissing scandal at a group gathering… Read more by clicing here.

Happy Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao at the airport. Love is in the air ~


Yoona and Ma Tianyu‘s new cdrama 三途 Three Ways just announced the second male lead to be Yoona’s labelmate Kangta. This means the heavy involvement of SM Entertainment in this production which, in my opinion, sounds like bad news…

Korean actor Jang Dong-gun is well-known in China after filming A Gentleman’s Dignity. After a drama hiatus of four years (he did do many movies though), he will partner up with C-actress Tang Yixin for a new drama 《我曾爱过你,想起就心酸》I Used to Love You, the Thought Makes Me Sad. They will start shooting on May 24th, 2016.

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Alec Su is producing a new movie called 《嫌疑人X的献身》Suspect X’s Devotion and will cast Wang Kai as a physicist and Zhang Lu Yi will play a genius mathematician.


OMG YES! I had been waiting years for Zhang Yishan to lead his own drama. Ok, this is a webdrama, but still! Silly and funny Zhang Yishan is most well known for his role as Liu Xing in the sitcom Family With Kids. He also did a cameo last year in Mr.Six. Great to see him getting lead role this time. ^^ Webdrama 余罪 My Sin starring Zhang Yishan should be released on IQiyi this month, May 23rd.


New Xu Jinglei movie Battle of Memories starring Huang Bo will have a first Festival of Cannes screening. It should be released for mainland in December 2016.

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New Webdrama Fall in Love.

Fall in Love

Extra poster for Chen Xuedong and Ying Er‘s Decoded.


Ruby Lin‘s Phantom of the Theater released stills and a trailer. The movie was released on May 13th, 2016.

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The trailer:

New drama Yes Mr.Fashion stars Ouyang Nana and Chen Xuedong.

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Little Sheep Lay donated One Million RMB, which is about 153 000 US Dollar to his alma mater (his high school) as well as a piano. He says it is to thank them for supporting him when he was younger to pursue his dreams and talents, saying “当时我在学校成绩并不好,但学校一直支持我发展特长。” [Trans: I didn’t have good grades in school, but the school supported me to develop my specialties]. It is not easy to donate so it is nice he is doing it and have a deeper personal meaning behind it. Teachers must be proud.

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This week’s Run Brother will invite the Korean Running man team, and later in the month, Song Jongki. Probably these episodes are ones you want to catch if you are a fan of the original show! Also, Song Jongki went on Happy Camp and the episode should be released next next week. 😉


Zhang Tian Ai now has her own emojis on wechat! To be used~


Wallace Huo‘s dreamy picture from 13 years ago!


Finally, cute pictures of Liying!

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21 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Time Raiders, Battle of Memories, Phantom of the Theater, Yes Mr.Fashion

  1. Time Raiders….thought the movie would have less politic mess because of how the author of the book said that he has much more control over the production of the movie, but now this? Oh dear. =______=” I hope that there’s no feud between Jing Boran and Luhan though despite how messy their respective management companies are.

    With regards to Ouyang Nana….isn’t she under 18??? Why is this drama seems to be a romcom?? And her partner is Chen Xuedong?? This is giving me a headache. @______@


    • Yop, same. I thought they would be a bit more careful considering what happened with the drama version. I am sure fans are tired of management agencies not doing their jobs properly and tanning the celebrities’ names at the same time. We hav to wait and see how the press conferences will go…

      Actually, she is 15 years old! Born in 2000. I dunno why she suddenly picked a drama either, she is so young and so active in the entertainment world this year. I know she is also attending school so I wonder where she found all this time @_@ Chen Xuedong is like 25 yo, so 10 years of difference!


      • Ann says:

        that’s what I was wondering too! I thought she was attending school in the states and this drama (I’m guessing) would have been filmed during school time? It does seem a little odd! Unless she decided to stop attending school to act


      • Exactly… I never looked too much into it, but I feel like she must be taking a sabatic year or arrange something with the school… Because learning to be a proper musician is a full time job. It is good she is trying out different things, but I hope she can also focus more on her original vocation for her own good ^^


      • intellectualkitten says:

        At the same time, she is very young. I am sure a lot of people hate studying abroad, I am sure she thought this through 🙂


      • I am shocked O_O I just did a bit of digging and apparently she announced this during last summer. I remember that her younger sister and mother moved with her to the US for her to attend Curtis and she had been a student there for 2 years already. It is a pity, but I am sure she considered this throughly. She is just so young and I wish she doesn’t rush through her career…

        Liked by 1 person

    • Hannah says:

      The entertainment industry is a quicker way to be popular and make money. It’s hard to pass on that opportunity.

      Whoa…I knew she was young, but I didn’t know that young! She was on Up Idol Season 1, so I suppose that led more opportunities for her to film and such.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. LH team’s empty response pretty much confirmed it for me. They’ve been accused to have done the same thing to Yixing before, but this situation is different. JBR is under Huayi Brothers, NOT SM, and ofc JBR’s team def won’t let it slide. People were already suspicious from the start of the filming bc shit was already going on in bts. This is def not a good image for both as well as for this production.


      • Reports saying how LH and JBR’s teams have a hard time cooperating in BTS (which is not a surprise), as well as fan accounts saying how LH always eats alone, and not with the rest of the cast and crew during breaks. His team is really something,….


      • I don’t really look that much into BTS and filming rumors in general, so I was shocked to learn there was bad blood between the two companies. LH’s cie dare going against Huayi Brothers is a bad move for sure… I thought he had a good cie to represent him considering that he got into Run Brother and is shooting some big movies (Time Raiders, The Great Wall, Witness, etc). 😦 What a bummer.
        Indeed, this is bad publicity and hope they can solve all this. What a pity. And I feel bad knowing that Luhan is eating alone.


  3. Jo says:

    All of the stills look great and Ruby Lin👏👏👏Yes Mr Fashion looks adorable, Lay is a sweetheart, OMG I saved Wallace’s pic 😂😂


  4. Fabi says:

    A very silent reader for a long time I must say that I love everytime there is a post of Entertainment Update.
    Thanks for bringing in news!


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