Meet Joycee Chu~!


Today, I decided to introduce you to a… Malyasian singer! What? But she is not Chinese?! Well, Chinese entertainment is a large range of culture and ethnicities: Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kongenese, Korean, Thai, etc. And Joycee Chu is definitely a little celebrity in the mandarin speaking world.

Here are the links to two of her most catchy songs: Malaysia Chabor and I Miss U

First of all, why do I like her so much? I like that she introduced me to many different countries. Previously, I thought that only China and Taiwan spoke Mandarin. Well, it turns out that many southeastern countries also speak mandarin: Thailand, Singapore, Malyasia and Indonesia (although not always as the most popular or official language). I guess I am just really glad that knowing Mandarin allows me to speak and understand so many different cultures. So, this is definitely a strong argument to encourage you to learn Mandarin if you don’t already. And I wouldn’t know this fact without her music videos first 😛 She puts English, Malaysian and Mandarin subs to her songs.

Second, she is super pretty! This may sound very shallow, but I just love how she gives a refreshing and happy vibe around her! Her voice is also like candy ^^


Third and last, she is only 19 years old and is so successful! I like to see talented young people succeed and she is definetely a rising star in that  category. I like her story a lot and you can read more about her on her wikipedia page. Basically, it is weird, but I like the way she used the whole Hallyu wave at her advantage and become an internet sensation.

Her acting projects:

She did the 2015 movie 最佳伙扮 Young and Fabulous which will come out this month.


She is also casted as second lead for upcoming Chinese remake of drama Coffee Prince 王子咖啡店.

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9 thoughts on “Meet Joycee Chu~!

  1. Funny I am Malaysian but I don’t even know her till you brought her up. But yeah Malaysians chinese speaks anything from Mandarin to cantonese or hokkien depending on their descent origin, apart from the prerequisite Malaysian language and english…


    • Haha, and I thought she would be more popular :3 I remember hearing her songs from time to time on some variety shows so I thought she should be trendy ^^ Malaysian people are so lucky, you are at least trilingual then! :O So talented


  2. Maymay says:

    Funny i don’t even know her till you introduced her here even though I am Malaysian…but yeah Malaysian chinese tend to be multilingual…


  3. And She’ll be take her first role as a second lead in Chinese remake of Coffee Prince! I’m from Indonesia, and I like her voice and the way she perform her music in the MV.


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