Entertainment Update: Jade Lovers, When a Snail Falls in Love, Edge of Innocence


Hi people and again, happy Monday! There are tons of new stills and casting news so this entertainment update feels a bit longer than usual. Also, we added some extra information about ratings of shows.

In the last entertainment update, many commenters suggested to have a ratings system on the blog where we can update you guys on what is popular. For all time most watched dramas, check out this list we did last October which has more than 80 dramas listed with pictures! As for everyday data, I suggest you guys check out vlinkage’s website which is updated everyday and is hence more accurate then whatever we write from time to time in the posts (you can also chose to follow them on weibo which is even easier to use). We are also creating a page about this for you, although we may not be able to update it everyday.

Since we are on the subject, here is the chart for 15th May. In category drama, it is Ode to Joy 欢乐颂, Little Husband 小丈夫 and Precious Youth 那年青春我们正好.  In webdrama, My Amazing Boyfriend 我的奇妙男友, Revive 重生之名流巨星, and With You 最好的我们.

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Fan Bingbing at her press conference for movie Love Ali.

Heart Ali

Stills for Tao Huang‘s movie Edge of Innocence.

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Another little wave here! The Ephyllum Dream 《曇花夢》 starring Ady An and Qiao Zhenyu has an air date: June 5th.


BTS for Ru Yi Legend.

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New drama Romance Phoenix Unique with Wang Likun and Joe Cheng started shooting. This is neither’s first ancient drama, but this unlikely combination makes me very curious.


Yang Zi and Qin Junjie may not be the OTP in Zhu Xian, but it is never too late to make this ship happen. As two of my favorite child actors, I am happy to see them cast as leads together. Other actors are Shu Chang, Mao Zijun, He Zhonghua, Si Qin Gao Wa, and Lu Xingyu. Named 龙珠传奇之无间道 Dragon Pearl The Last Legend (DO NOT quote me on that translation please…). The story is about the last Ming Dynasty princess.

1 2 3

Ready for Doctor Zhao+Qu Xiaoxiao part 2? Hehe, the two are collaborating again in When a Snail Falls in Love by Ding Mo; a complicated love story at the police station!

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More stills for Jade Lover with Lee Jongsuk and Zheng Shuang

704_1920081_316230 704_1920082_680361 704_1920083_894250

Guan Xiaotong‘s stills for To Be A Better Man.

2 3 4 5

More stills for drama Don’t Go Breaking My Heart starring Lu Yi and Zhang Li.

1 2

Interesting information worth highlighting! Cdrama 《父母爱情》Romance of Our Parents is ranking 2nd in viewership in Egypt, with 1.39% of ratings. Two other dramas, 《金太狼的幸福生活》and《媳妇的美好时代》, are also doing fairly well. Congratulations! Of course, this data may be a bit twisted, but it is nice to see that dramas unit the world.


Another silly highlight! Actor Jin Shijia decided to audition himself as a figurant for the American movie Captain America and got the gig! Yeah, he happily shared his less than a second of fame moment on weibo.



4 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Jade Lovers, When a Snail Falls in Love, Edge of Innocence

  1. intellectualkitten says:

    Thanks for the hard work! I really appreciate 😀 Woahh girl, so much dedication. I am in love with Zheng Shuang and Lee Jong Suk ><


      • I think it depends on how the person is built physically. Maybe she can still function properly as this doesn’t seem to influence her work schedule and life in general. But who knows behind the camera :/ I just feel sad to see her current state when I compare her to her Meteor Garden years.


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