[Review] Wrong Carriage, Right Groom 上錯花轎嫁對郎


It is old drama recommendation time! I watched Wrong Carriage, Right Groom a few months ago and it was really good so I felt like writing a quick review/recommendation post. Released in 2001, this drama is visually definitely outdated compared to today’s more CGI full period drama. However, it didn’t feel old to me, but more fancy and authentic. 😉 Definitely a great watch! As a selling point, did you know this is adapted from the novel of the same name by Xi Juan, the same author who wrote Cuo Dian Yuan Yang?


Synopsis by dramawiki: Based on the story written by author Xi Juan, “Wrong Carriage, Right Groom” is a romance story set in the Tang Dynasty. Two women set out on the same day to be married, but as they were traveling to their new homes, rain forced them to take shelter in a temple; they are Du Bing Yan and Li Yu Hu. As soon as the rain stopped, they quickly set out again. Unbeknownst to the people lifting the carriages, the women had accidentally got in the wrong carriages! Through a series of trials with their new spouses, the two new couples grow to love each other. As they say, it’s fine to get on the wrong bridal carriage, as long as you don’t marry the wrong person.


First of all, it wasn’t easy to find pictures for this review because it is such an old drama. Hope these ones are good enough to make you want to watch it. All the episodes are on youtube if you search 上错花轿嫁对郎. For a total of only 20 episodes, it is such an easy watch!


  • Li Jia Lin as Du Bing Yan
  • Huang Yi as Li Yu Hu
  • Nie Yuan as Qi Tian Lei


In twenty episodes, they really created a complete love story that gave the opportunity for not two, but three happy couples to be formed.

There is this saying in Chinese that people of the same social status should marry together. In this story, although both girls are from rich households, they definitely do not have the same background. Du Bing Yan is a girl from a family indebted who must marry a man who will soon die as a service. Li Yu Hu must marry an imperial general who already married three times (or multiple times if it is not 3). Of course, the two ladies don’t want this marriage and under the rain, right before the switch, they compassionate for each other and promise to be sworn sisters.

Du Bing Yan ends up marrying a man who is never at home. She is afraid and knowing that the switch happened, is desesperately waiting for her “husband” to come back from war. Li Yu Hu marries a strange husband who looks totally healthy and fine during the day, but changes to a sick and weak man in front of his family.

This is just in general, such a cute and beautiful drama. I don’t have much to say, but I seriously recommend watching it. It was addicting and I didn’t skip one episode. Both love stories appealed to me strongly and I just love how genuine the love is. No dramatic scenes, no love rival or ugly crying scenes. Just genuine love that grow stronger and stronger as episodes goes by. A great easy watch that will definitely not disappoint.



The 2 couples

With Du Bing Yan


with Li Yu Hu





13 thoughts on “[Review] Wrong Carriage, Right Groom 上錯花轎嫁對郎

  1. Jo says:

    You had me at:no love rivals 💕💕💕and it sounds like something I’d want to watch. I might watch CDYY again 😊one of my fav otps


    • Haha, this author’s love stories are so sweet and simple. If you loved CDYY, you are going to love this one too! Liying once said in an interview that she read this novel before and that is why she accepted the role for CDYY (because she likes the author’s works!)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Amy Lee says:

    The moment I read the title of your post, I thought of Cuo Dian Yuan Yang. I was like, hm this sounds like it would run in a similar view to Cuo Dian Yuan Yang. Nekminit, the two stories are from the same author lol. Will defs give this a go.


    • Haha, I do see what you mean. I like how this drama is simple, classy and straight to the point. You can’t find any other 20 episodes period drama in Cdramaland anymore!


    • Haha, give it a second try? I actually like the second couple a bit more (with the General), but that comes in place a bit later in the episodes. Also, skip watch for the OTPs if you don’t like the “family interactions”. That’s what I did 😛


      • oolong says:

        I loved this drama! One of my first C-dramas I think. I also read this novel and CDYY. Both are easy fun reads.

        I ended up liking the second couple of DBY and the general more as well, even though my first impression of the general was “He’s so old!” =P. The story was more interesting and their love developed in a deeper sense IMO.

        Huang Yi and Nie Yuan dated for a while after this drama. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for them.


      • This drama is so good I wish I discovered it before! I can’t read the novels, but the drama versions for both is well done enough I don’t feel like I missed much. Yeah, he is very well-build and give a stronger impression (and I am sure he is supposed to be old because of how many times he got married…) I just love how they just fell in love so naturally and how she became a dependent person to him when it comes to strategy *_*
        Awwwnnnn, that’s too bad 😦 At least their love remains in the drama


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