[Drama] Starry Night Starry Sea Casts Feng Shaofeng and Bea Hayden


For any reader of c-novels, this drama may be of some interest for you! Starry Night Starry Sea written by Tong Hua, the author behind Bubujingxin, is the next novel to be adapted into a drama.

This book has been written in 2015 and the drama has already started filming! Haha, at this speed, Hunan TV will announce exclusive rights on this project next week :P… joke joke. The team has casted Feng Shaofeng and Bea Hayden as the main couple. Both are eye candy actors and I am anticipating their onscreen chemistry.


Shen Lo, portrayed by Bea Hayden, lives on an island. Her family members are fighting over the heritage of her recently gone grandfather. One day, she saves a shipwreck Wu Qulan. He, portrayed by Feng Shaofeng, is a talented and skilled man, in other words, a perfect boyfriend coming from the “Starry Night and Starry Sea”. Despite the obstacles in life, he will always be there for her.

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First Official Still



5 thoughts on “[Drama] Starry Night Starry Sea Casts Feng Shaofeng and Bea Hayden

  1. OMG!! I was in NYC when they were filming it!! I actually visited the set and said hey to the actors.. I was in the middle of vlogging😂😂😂 You can check it on my channel H4CK3D_G4mes!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Hey.. I checked your youtube channel but didn’t see the video :O But so cool that you got to visit the cast and say hi to them… 😀 Where did they film?


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