[Safe Now!] Liu Yifei Accident at Press Conference


Short post, to update you guys on an event that surprised me a lot. O_O Yesterday was the press conference at Guanzhou for movie Night Peacock starring Liu Yifei and Liu Ye. At the press conference, a male fan ran to the stage at full speed to embrace our Yifei, knocking her to the ground (see gif above).

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Today, the Night Peacock staff release a letter saying that she is fine now and there is no severe injury. It was a more of an emotional scare than anything else. The police was called and they are at the step to identify the man and solve the whole situation.


Honestly, there are bad fans evrywhere in the world so it is not such a surprising event. However, nobody shall touch my XianNuJieJie!! If something happened to her, I am sure the whole China (and her boyfriend Song Seung Hoon) would want to kill him! :3 In general, I just think fans should give more personal space to their idols. Whatever happens, I think it is wrong to transform your admiration into an obsession and a desire to touch/embrace the say celebrity at all cost. To all public figures, we live in a dangerous world and have a lot of security please ^^




18 thoughts on “[Safe Now!] Liu Yifei Accident at Press Conference

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    • Hi there! Good luck with your blog! It looks super well-done especially since you just started ^^ I think you are doing it right! Blogs get popular when you are writing about something you care about, when you give good and trustworthy information and when you write a review that appeals to other readers.

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  2. Jo says:

    Omg! Im glad she’s fine, but was unnecessary. He literally tackled her tsk tsk tsk and agree, everyone including her bf would after him.


    • Totally, they should had have better protection at the press conference, just based on the gifs, it seems like he was running for a few seconds no problem before reaching her… Gosh. Poor baby ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    • I know! I hate when fans feel like they are entitled to the celebrities because they bought their tickets/watch their projects. Like no, you bought the ticket then you get, for example, the right to his music at an awesome event. No, you do not have the right to stalk them and break their privacy.

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      • Exactly. This might sound a little cold, but I honestly try to avoid real-life news (dating, scandals, etc.) for celebrities. It’s their work I like, not them. And if I get to know someone and like them I want it to be for them, not just their work. It’s my own way of respecting them, I guess. I’ll still support their works, buy tickets books/movies whatever… but let them have a life, too!


      • It is not cold at all. I like reading gossip news because they are interesting and become a good discussion starting point ๐Ÿ˜› Of course, unless it is huge scandals (like rape, drunk driving, etc), I don’t easily turn my back to celebrities I like :3
        Definitely, I feel awkward when I have a celebrity I like, but they can’t even act. So, sometime, I do feel like my critical judgement is being tanned by my point of view on them :/ I wish I was more objective like you xD


  3. Omg, that’s horrible!!! The way he violently tackled her and the sound of the impact as they hit the floor….
    Glad she is okay. That male fan (or whoever he is) is freaking crazy. I hope he’s charged with assault or smth.


    • I know, it was like a flash! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ This sucks so much and the fact that it even happened means something is wrong with the staff. This incident is receiving so much attention on weibo so people are definitely not going to go easy on him ๐Ÿ˜‰


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