[Breaking] Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin Dating


May 20th is Chinese Valentine’s Day (520 in Chinese sounds like I love You). It is the perfect day to confess to your lover and Walllace Huo did just that. On his company’s weibo (cause this oldie has no weibo :P), Wallace Huo shared a simple sentence while tagging Ruby Lin “希望得到大家的祝福” [Trans: Hope to get everyone’s blessings]. Ruby Lin replied with a 心. Well, you have mine, but good luck explaining this to Hu Ge 😉

The two veteran actors had been in the industry for so many years and they did two dramas together. When they were back at their idol Taiwanese years, they did Sound of Colors, which started the dating rumors.

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Later, Wallace Huo participated in Ruby Lin produced The Glamourour Imperial Concubine as the co-main/second male lead. This project reinforced the public’s desire to see them together and Ruby had to clarify each time that they are just “friends” 😉

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With so many years under the eyes of the public. the two of them dated many other actors and were entangled with many rumors. It is a great thing to see them together!


But, what would Hu Ge think? He was thirdwheeling for two couples. Poor puppy!

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Yeah, he is finally gone!



25 thoughts on “[Breaking] Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin Dating


    I was really worried for Ruby because she’s in her 40s (still looking as gorgeous as ever, though) yet still single, but seeing this news made me feel so relieved and happy for her!
    I wish them well.


  2. Am I the only one not happy with this news? I was expecting him to date someone normal. He’s known Ruby for so long and they never dated until now? Seems a bit weird. I was never a fan of Ruby, but I don’t dislike her. I guess my HuaYinflg ship is really gone forever now. HuaYing fans are probably drinking themselves to sleep now.😭😭😭


    • EG says:

      Actually the best and long lasting couple are usually the ones that turned from friends/bff to lovers
      They know and understand everything about each other. Very solid ground for a relationship with 10 years knowing each other.
      Someone commented “Two big names. Both of equal standing career-wise. They’ve been friends forever. Both are Taiwanese. Both relied on their own abilities and efforts to succeed. Logically, this is the best pairing.” And I can’t help but agree. They have so much in common yet also have opposite personality which make them perfect.
      Please stop being selfish as a shipper and wish them happiness as he wished.They know themselves better than fans like us


    • EG says:

      I’m not sure you are bitter OR?
      But most people would know the best kind of relationship is ones can be bff and lovers at the same time.
      They know and understand each other after that many years together so there won’t be many conflicts to cause breakup/divorce as much as others that weren’t friends at first.

      Someone commented and I can’t help but agree how similar they are
      “Two big names. Both of equal standing career-wise. They’ve been friends forever. Both are Taiwanese. Both relied on their own abilities and efforts to succeed. Logically, this is the best pairing”
      Yet their personalities are the opposite which make them somehow perfect together.
      It’s not too hard to do as his asked and give them your blessing. They know their lives and happiness better than all of us


    • intellectualkitten says:

      xD haha, I also think it is a shame for all the Hua Qian Gu fans out there.
      Maybe they have dated for a long time? He just choose Valentine’s Day to declare his love. I think they are cute together, just because he man-ed up and declared their relationship himself ❤ But yeah, this dating news is not the most exciting one 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Seriously didn’t expect this especially that it’s so OOC of Wallace to actually reveal this haha! but did he ever announce his relationship with Joe before? I thought they looked perfect together! And I second the others’ comments, I thought he would date a non-showbiz woman now haha

    Aside from this being surprising on Wallace’s side, my heart doesn’t know if it’s fully happy given that Ruby was just recently seen with Jerry 😂 no wonder she kept denying that part haha!

    Moving on, I hope they get married and have beautiful babies!! 😍


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Good question! I know they were quite public with their relationship, but it was before both became famous 😛
      Hehe, I am on the other camp ❤

      OMG, you are right, I think I saw a post talking about them xD haha, glad that is all cleared up.
      Hehe, yes, more beautiful babies please ❤ (if these people ever stop with work)

      Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      </3 And the promise between Wallace and Hu Ge…
      There is a rumour that he confessed on her 40s birthday ❤


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yes, it seems the two are in the lovey dovey phase of the relation… so it is looking very promising :3


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