Prestigious Beijing Film Academy Graduates


Chinese people, just like many many other cultures, are obsessed with Academia. They study hard from a young ade and develop various talents in the hope to get into a prestigious University where they are guaranteed a bright future. In China, the two most famous schools are Beijing University for Arts and Tsinghua University for Science. When it comes to entertainment, Beijing Film Academy is the ultimate utopia of actors-to-be. This list is directly from the wikipedia page. I just added pictures to help you visualized the talented graduates from the famous BFA. You can also check out the baidu link here for more precise information.

A lot of famous movie and drama producers are going directly on the BFA campus to recruit for supporting and lead roles. Basically, all of the students have a shot to hit it big!

Note that class year indicates the entrance year, not graduating year. Clic on the names will direct you to the actor’s wikipedia page 😉 These are graduates from the Performance Institute.

Class of 1978: Zhang Fengyi, Zhang Tielin

0 1

Class of 1982: Zang Jinsheng


Class of 1988: Jiang Wenli, Xu Qing

3 4

Class of 1989: Faye Yu, Shao Bing

5 6

Class of 1990: Jiang Wu, Huang Lei

6 7

Class of 1992: Yuan Li, Li Yixiang

8 9

Class of 1993: Xu Jinglei


Class of 1994: Jiang Qinqin, Chen Zihan, Jin Qiaoqiao




Class of 1995: Yu Nan, Zuo Xiaoqing

14 15

Class of 1996: Zhao Wei, Huang Xiaoming, Chen Kun, Zu Feng

16 17 18 19

Class of 1998: Miao Pu


Class of 1999: Yao Chen, Du Chun, Yu Bo

2 3 4

Class of 2001: Huang Shengyi, Ariel Aisin-Gioro, Wang Luodan, Jia Nailiang, Helen Yao

123  45

Class of 2002: Liu Yifei, Luo Jin, Zhou Yang

1 2 3

Class of 2005: Yang Mi, Yuan Shanshan


Class of 2007: Zheng Shuang, Jing Tian

5 6

Class of 2008: Shawn Dou


Class of 2010: Zhang Yishan, Yang Zi

8 1

Class of 2011:



Huang Bo also graduated from BFA and was in the class of 2002, studying in dubbing.



2 thoughts on “Prestigious Beijing Film Academy Graduates

    • Yes you are right! This list is more complete! :O And I like how they show all students and not only the students who graduated from performing arts! I will add this link to the post 😉


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