Entertainment Update: Huading Awards, Legend of Ace, Flying Daggers


A little red carpet to look at: Huading Awards happened today! Else, we have some old and new projects releasing stills as well as a few trailers to watch. Happy Saturday!

Some gorgeous pictures of Liu Yifei, hope she gets better soon ^^ At her most recent press conference, people realized she is injured on the knees…


New short drama 冒牌女神 Counterfeit Princess of six episodes is going to star Luo Jin and Jin Chen.

Pretty character stills (?) for drama Legend of the Flying Daggers starring Hawick Lau, Yang Rong, Kenny Kwan and Gui Gui.

2 34 5

New trailer for Sparrow with Li Yifeng and Zhou Dongyu:

Fun trailer for To be A Better Man featuring the bros Sun Honglei and Lay:

Jin Dong‘s new drama Dragon Device 龙器 released pretty stills. The story is about a man who’s life changed when the dragon device inside of him awakes.

1 2 3 4

极品家丁 Legend of Ace starring Chen He, Jin Chen, Yin Zhen and Li Xirui released stills as they finished filming on May 20th.

1 3 5 7 8

New webdrama 識汝不識丁.


Ready for another round of press conference? Hope everyone is safe this time! We have the cast of Chinese Paladin 5 who will greet us on May 23rd.


We also have the To Be a Better Man cast, which should be released on May 31th.

1 2

Angelababy is the youngest ambassador for WildAid! Good job!


New Anhui TV variety show Laws of the Jungles, adapted from the Korean variety show of the same name, has released posters presenting the cast: Nicky Wu, Tao Huang, Sun Yizhou, Xiao Shenyang, Li Yapeng, Xing Aowei, and Xiong Dailin.

1 2

Zhang Jie is the next Run Brother guest!

Zhang Jie

BTS of Yang Yang


Today is the Huading Awards, which is an event to recognize the best received dramas of the year. Attendees include Huang Bo, Ma Yili, Gao Yunxiang, Jiang Xin, Wang Ziwen, Sa Rina, Tan Yaowen, Wang Yaoqing, Tong Liya, and more. Huang Bo won Best Male Lead.

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11 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Huading Awards, Legend of Ace, Flying Daggers

  1. Jo says:

    First: YAY YANG RONG! I really missed her 😊 2nd: *chants* CP5, CP5, CP5. YY is adorable, look at that smile and TL is adorable, I love her pant suit. I feel like I haven’t seen her in ages since her last movie


    • Same! She has sooo many projects being filmed or ready to be released, but she has no air time! I am so ready to see her lead another drama. >< CP3 is coming out tomorrow! *_* Tong Liya is really low-key last year I felt, but she does have one period drama with Tong Dawei if I remember correctly… She is so pretty!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jo says:

        Me too!!!! She is amazing. And yay!!!! Ive been waiting for CP for so long 💕💕💕. I miss seeing her in dramas and she is so pretty I love her smile


  2. aflea says:

    this is kind of unrelated, but I am curious about Yang Mi trending on Weibo along with this hashtag #求杨幂换团队#. Anyone knows what’s up?


    • 求杨幂换团队 can be translated to “Begging for Yang Mi to change team”. I didn’t really look into it at first, but the hashtag is mostly used by fans asking to Yang Mi to change company. Currently, she is under her own cie 嘉行杨幂工作室 Jia Xing Yang Mi Studio. As Yang Mi’s contract expiration date is approaching, it seems like the company is trying to promote the younger actors/idols at the expense of Yang Mi. Fans are complaining about various factors such as signing her up for too long schedules, too many advertisements, giving her only idol roles, and putting her the female lead at the back to promote second female lead instead. It seems like this decevant situation is because of either Three Lives (with Dili Reba) or Les Interpretes. Fans seem to want to complain at the upcoming press conference tomorrow..
      I am honestly surprised at this whole situation considering that the company is owned by Yang Mi..

      Liked by 1 person

      • I remember YM saying that she has an entire team making decisions for her, even though the company is owned by her. So that might explain it. Maybe her fans believe that her team is not managing her well.
        I initially thought she was trending just because she was being bashed by haters again with fans defending her, so I didn’t look into it. Guess I was wrong…


      • Oh, that may explain it. But it is still surprising that the team that was hired by Yang Mi doesn’t put the interest of her at the foremost. I feel like it is more like a fan unsatisfaction and Yang Mi herself may be totally fine with using her name to promote her artists (after all, it is all revenue for her!)
        And yeah, poor girl is always trending because of stupid divorce rumors when she has a happy family with kid.


      • xingfenzhen says:

        May be she wants to promte those people, having herself taking a backseat. She is a business woman now, rather than just an actress, it’s better to have other people working for you, rather than having to work youself. And if she does a good job promoting secondarys, more talent will come to her company and more money for her. Smart move in my opinion, i guess she is more intelligent than my first impressions of her.


      • Exactly! I think she is one of the smartest show businesswoman. She had been part of many successful idol projects (Chinese Paladin, Palace, Tiny Times), she has contacts and respect in the entertainment circle, why wouldn’t she use it all to promote the people she chose? Maybe the fans know something I don’t, but in general, I think she is doing great right now!


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