[Anticipation Post] Chinese Paladin 5


Getting released today is…. Chinese Paladin 5! With the success that was Chinese Paladin 1 and 3, it is no surprise that this third series is going to receive a lot of attention from both Chinese and internation xianxia fans. Without Hu Ge as lead, this time, it is for his labelmates Elvis Han and Guli Nezha to shine.

Edit: First 2 episodes at the end of the post! Or go check directly on the youtube channel 优优同步剧场——YoYo Television Series Live

  • Release date: May 23rd, 2016
  • Names: 云之凡/Chinese Paladin 5/Yun Zhi Fan/Clouds of the World
  • Number of episodes: 40



Twenty years ago, the sect Jing Tian gets challenged by the evil sect Lu Rong’s leader and this leader becomes the enemy of the Four Big Sects and the Zu Mountain. The sect leader is captured in Zu Mountain’s Nuwa forbidden cave while his wife is left alone pregnant. This son is Jiang Yun Fan, played by Elvis Han. During all these years, the mother tried to hide her wherabouts from the Four Big Sects and her son Yun Fan lives a normal life, wanting to become a good mountain thief aka Robin Hoods. He doesn’t realize that he has a powerful blood wanting to be awaken. He will also fall in love with Tang Yurou.


Official MV

MV by S.H.E


  • Elvis Han as Jiang Yun Fan
  • Guli Nezha as Tang Yu Rou
  • Joe Cheng as Long You
  • Xiao Cai Qi (小彩旗) as Xiao Man
  • Gina Jin as Ling Yin


Character Stills

3 4 5 6 7


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Press Conference

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Episode 1

Episode 2

21 thoughts on “[Anticipation Post] Chinese Paladin 5

      • I watched the first episodes. It is promising so far! Like the CGI quality, not too intense. Elvis Han is actually a good lead although I still miss Hu Ge. Like how the backstory was short and we got to meet the leads real fast too!


      • Jo says:

        Elvis is on my up and coming list of favs. And Im going to watch it tonight and Im glad the backstory is short, hopefully the story will keep progressing. And Its going to be weird without Hu Ge (are you going to makr a Hu Ge appreciation post) 👏👏


      • I actually didn’t care much about him before, but he is growing in me too. He has exactly what it takes to hit big soon enough! I could make a Hu Ge appreciation post soon :3 But I feel like we covered everything about him so far… maybe a new bromance post for him? humm

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Hmmm. I watched the first episode…and it’s quite messy compared to the previous Chinese Paladin’s, in terms of introduction and set up. The CGI is horrible and bothered me a lot…not even decent in Xianxia dramas standards. :-/


    • I don’t remember the beginning of the previous two to compare that part. Guli Nezha is super pretty, but her acting is still a bit annoying. As a xianxia drama, I think it is in the average, nothing less, nothing more! Definitely better than Xuan Yuan Sword and Qin’s Moon for me :3

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jenny says:

    Out of curiousity, how does Chinese Paladin 5 relates to Chinese Paladin 1 and 3. I am confused on how they are all related and which comes first despite the title names.


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