[Recap] Go Fighting Ep.4 – 6


A week isn’t complete if you didn’t catch the episode of Go Fighting! Not the most popular variety show as Run Brother is still leading the ratings in the variety category, this show is however the one that will definitely put a smile on my face. Can’t live without these six playing together!

Episode 4: Visiting Hainan


The cast finally arrived at Hainan. The GF men are seperated in three teams and must do the tourist missions with less than 100 RMB. At the end of the day, they will have an auction to buy their dinner and the team with the most money at the end end wins. Sadly, Lay suffers from food poisoning at the beginning of the day and must go to the hospital. His teammate Huang Bo takes care of him. He later joins Wang Xun and Show Luo’s team until Lay gets better.

Highlight of the episode:

  • Show Luo, Wang Xun, Huang Bo and Lay goes to the fish market and does fishing using Wang Xun’s teeth… Also, Huang Bo showcases his great cooking skills.
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  • People not wanting Huang Lei to eat the delicious Hainan Rice Chicken meal and everyone spits in his food. They end up saving the meal as a take-out and Sun Honglei and Huang Bo eat it after stir frying it… :’D The things you do when you have no money.
  • 129
  • Sun Honglei acting like an immature kid and Huang Lei trying to be his dad, teaching him life lessons!
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  • Sun Honglei, Huang Lei, Huang Bo and Lay participating in a local dance show with thousands of costumes. Sun Honglei’s face was a highlight in itself. xD
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  • 15

More stills

2 3 7

Episode 5: Idol Drama in Taiwan


What do you do when you are in Taiwan, the capital of cutesy idol drama, in dramaland world (yes, I know my geography so well). This episode was so much fun!  With guest Lin Zhiling as the female lead, our men from Go Fighting shot for 24 hours a drama that was full of laugh. It is hard to explain the story as a whole so I recommend you guys watch it yourselves. Let’s just say there was high school romance, bullying, bitchy second character, love rival, kidnapping, car acciden, amnesia, supernatural events and a wedding. Sun Honglei played Domyouji/Dao Ming Si and Wang Xun played Hanazawa Rui/Lei. Lay and Huang Lei completed the F4 as Xi Men and Mei Zuo. Show Luo played the pretty campus girl attracted to the F4 and Huang Bo played MANY side characters (best friend, passenger, husband, etc).

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The final Result

Episode 6: Biking Competition


Honestly the least fun out of the three episodes on this post, but still, I love the guys and their interactions: it was worth watching! In this episode, they are once again in Taiwan. The PD asks them what is their ideal relationship distance with the other person and the answers varied from -10 to 100 cm (Sun Honglei is the one who came up with the negative number…). Afterward, the PD paired them up in teams: Zhang Yixing and Huang Lei, Show Luo and Huang Bo, and Sun Honglei and Wang Xun. They had to fight at this part because nobody really wanted to be with Sun Honglei, the silly one with a negative distance. The pair of teammate are then attached together by a rope with length equal to the sum of their chosen distance. They then start a two day challenge with three stops where the teams have to bike to various destinations and the final winner is the one who arrives first. Show Luo, Huang Bo, Huang Lei and Zhang Yixing decides to team up against the silly Sun Honglei and Wang Xun combination and make them suffer a lot (by having way more tasks to finish before going to the finish line). As a great example of perseverance, at the end of the trip, it is this “last team” Sun Honglei and Wang Xun who won. As punishment, they make Huang Bo and Show Luo do push up in the water when the waves come! Hehe, don’t be too evil next time 😉

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6 thoughts on “[Recap] Go Fighting Ep.4 – 6

  1. intellectualkitten says:

    The only show I am still following ^^ Hope the show last till the end of the summer :”D Show Luo was perfect in the episode 5. I wanna save him as my emoticons xD


  2. Jaesuk_jjang says:

    Thank you for recapping this show. i really love their interaction. so natural and hilarious. always make me laugh every time.
    but too bad the engsub for season 2 ep.3-ongoing is not available yet 😦
    the biggest mystery in life, what is show luo’s wife favorite color?

    Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yes! So many variety shows (even the ones I enjoy a lot) have too much staged reactions to my liking. I really appreciate the cast of Go Fighting to been genuine and for developing true bromance with each other!
      It is not? 😦 I hope they translate it soon!
      Haha, even Show Luo doesn’t know xD I am going to guess pink 😛


  3. My favourite part in Ep 4 was the coconut saga with Huang Lei & Sun Honglei. It was so cute, the way Huang Lei remembered that Sun Honglei wanted a coconut even after they left the beach and bought 1 for him even though they were supposedly poor. And it’s such a heartwarming moment when they insisted on paying 9 yuan for the coconut when the shop keeper gave them a discount 🙂


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