[Anticipation Post] Les Interprètes with Yang Mi and Huang Xuan


Ready for some exciting modern drama? Les Interpretes will finally be released today :)) This is Yang Mi’s well anticipated come back to the small screen and she is ready to show a more mature side of herself!

  • Release date: May 24th, 2016
  • Chinese name: 翻译官
  • Number of episodes: 42
  • Eng Subs are available on both Viki and Dramafever
  • You can read Recaps on the blog lifewithdramas


Qiao Fei is a master student determined to become a Chinese-French translator. While trying to avoid her ex-boyfriend, she meets an unpleasant and prideful Chen Jiayang. The next day, Qiao Fei discovers her interviewer is none other than Jiayang.

Yang Mi as Qiao Fei


Huang Xuan as Cheng Jia Yang


Gao Weiguang as Gao Jiaming


Li Xi Rui as Wu Jia Yi


Zhang Yunlong as Wang Xudong


Zhou Qiqi as Yan Wen Xiao Hua


Trailer #1

Trailer #2


Official poster

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More Posters

2 3


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Press Conference

2 3 4


17 thoughts on “[Anticipation Post] Les Interprètes with Yang Mi and Huang Xuan

  1. Jo says:

    I am so ready for her return and the stills look pretty and I loved the trailer. Im also glad DramaFever pick up the project-even though I would have watched it without subs 😊😊


  2. Just finished watching the two eps on LE, since all the YT links were deleted and I couldn’t find any more. It’s really nice so far! Very fun and lighthearted, and the dialogues are quite funny. The majority of the responses were quite positive on Weibo. HX is so charming in his role, and YM is fine in this one!


    • Yeah, I noticed. They are uploaded and taken down so fast! 😦 I like it too, very lighthearted and an easy watch. I don’t really like the dubbing of Yang Mi and the older brother. It feels a bit off! I want to keep watching and see both character grow as Huang Xun’s character is super rude and Yang Mi’s role is a bit dump xD

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hopefully they will be uploaded officially.
        I’m looking forward to seeing the growth of both leads. It’s a really pleasant watch!
        That part where a student said that her name was Yang Mi and that she was the male lead’s biggest fan, cracked me up! Add YM’s facial expressions on top of that xD


      • But I love Huang Xuan’s character. He’s so devillish. Sometimes Qiao Fei does deserve to be reprimanded by him lol. Her actions are a bot brash sometimes. Teehee.


      • I like it ok-ish! Not sure a 100%, but he is not the worst. Plus, I have nothing to complain acting wise. I agree, Qiao Fei feels super invasive over HX’s character’s personal space 😛

        Liked by 1 person

  3. thank you for your article. and im so happy reading the comments cuz now im looking forward to this drama. yaaaayy. like watching the trailer for months and now, it’s finally here. hope the viki team can sub it as fast as OTJ. at least 🙂 fighting!!!


  4. Les Interpretes debuted with 1.4 and 1.6 in national rating and was ranked 1st! Very good. I hope it reaches the 2.0 mark bc YM promised that she’ll post a selfie with her full face showing, and HX promised that he’ll update his Weibo with 10 posts a day. xD


    • That is very high, considering so many hyped dramas don’t even go up to 1% 😦 YM’s full face… like no make up? 8D
      Haha, good luck to Huang Xun if it does happen xD


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