Ma Ke on his “The Journey” to Success

OMG, I am so bumped up for this drama!!! Ma Ke with white hair looks good! *_* This drama is adapted from the manhua 寻找前世之旅 (Chinese manga) of the same name by vivibear. I read another work by the same author called Qishi Huanxiang Ye.

  • Chinese name: 寻找前世之旅
  • Airing online via IQIYI around November 2016
  • Director: Gao Linbao



  • Ma Ke
  • Fu Xingbo
  • Zhou Yutong
  • Zhang Lei


If you can go back in time to change your destiny in exchange for one tear, would you do it? Adopted by her master at a young age, she has psychic powers that allow her to travel in time and space. Can she prevent the catastrophes from happening? Can she find love?

Ma Ke as 撒那特思·亚隆·伊斯多维尔 (?): prince of a temere clan/vampires living in the dark life. In the three realms, he is the most handsome man.

Fu Xingbo as Si Yin: Cold and doesn’t like to smile, he actually has a soft heart.


3 4

Character Stills

1 2 3 4

The manhua is called 寻找前世之旅. Baidu page here

2 3  15 64

I find vivibear’s work to be a bit draggie after a while, but the drawings are super pretty and the story is very intriguing. It is definitely worth trying. You can check out the one I read, Qishi Huanxiang Ye or Knight Fantastic Night, which is eng translated by Mystic Crescent Scans. They work on MANY manhuas so you should definitely check their blog ^^


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