Entertainment Update: I Love That Crazy Little Thing, Edge of Innocence, TBABM, Midnight Kitchen


Smile! Here comes another round of stills, trailers, news and trivial information about Chinese entertainment! 😉

The best news: Wallace Huo has been casted alongside Zhou Xun to lead Legend of Ruyi… so exciting 🙂


Next novel to be adapted into drama is Paris is Not in a Good Mood. They already casted the leads, but they don’t want to tell us yet 😉 Paris and her secrets..


Trailer out for I Love That Crazy Little Thing with William Chan, Tang Yixin, Jessica Jung, Gillian Cheung and Nicholas Tse. First time I noticed that the ex and current girlfriend of Tyler Kwon are in this movie.

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Movie Ten Years (also known as Days of Our Own) with Zhao Liying, Gui Gui, and Kimi Qiao releases some stills.

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Zhao Liying recently ended her contract with her manager Zhang Yuejia. He recently changed his weibo status to “former Zhao Liying manager”. I think he did a great job during the last year, getting her great drama deals and advertisement positons. However, do know that he originally refused the Hua Qian Gu role and Liying herself accepted it by herself later. Anyhow, he did a great job so thanks a lot! Best luck to both parties. This is also a clean cut (compared to her other former manager). Meanwhile, check out a new Zhu Xian BTS!


Stills for Edge of Innocence with Tao Huang

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Super cute Mini-movie CF for ice tea starring Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang

To Be a Better Man released more new character posters!

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Another Go Fighting member Huang Lei is busy as a producer. He is the one to work on upcoming Chinese drama adaptation of Japanese Manga Midnight Kitchen. Here are the first stills starring Xiu Jiekai, Ye Qing, Zou Cheng En, and more.

1 2 4 5 6

Bao Bei Er is filming a new drama called Happy Mutan.


Drama Campus Beauty starring SNH48 (Zhang Yuge, Li Yitong, Wu Zhehan, Yang Yunyu), Zhao Shunran, Zhu Yuanbing, and more will be released this summer!

Zhang Yishan‘s webdrama is receiving positive attention online so let me share some extra stills of him. He probably worked really hard on that body 😉

1 2

Ruby Lin has a new movie: Precipice Game!

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Eddie Peng at the press conference for Call of Heroes:

Call of Heroes

Web movie Straight Man was released on May 25th, 2016. So the question is, how do you bend a straight man? 😉

1 2 3 4

New drama Beijing People in Beijing with Zhang Jiayi, Jiang Wu, and Guo Jinglei released character stills.

1 2 3

Dragon TV announced a new variety show! Called Flower Boys 花样男神, it has casted Guo Degang, Ou Di, Jia Nailiang, Xin, and Jin Shengzhu.

1 2

Jia Nailiang was a sweetheart as he went to see his wife on set for Li Xiaolu‘s drama 你这么爱我,我可要当真了Love Me.


Meanwhile, on Race the World


The Chinese Golden Eagle Awards is a prestigious event happening every even year and the highest award is to get the Golden Goddess award which was previously given to Zhao Liying, Liu Shishi, Wang Luodan, Li Xiaolu and Liu Yifei. Curious to see who will win it this year… Based on the past year, I think Tang Yan, Yang Mi and Liu Tao should be fair candidate 😉


Yang Mi is the next to get a wax figure, at Madam Tussaud Beijing!


Finally, for any Chinese Paladin fans, here is a character chart of the franchise!



9 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: I Love That Crazy Little Thing, Edge of Innocence, TBABM, Midnight Kitchen

  1. I laugh like crazy at the end of I Love That Crazy Little Thing trailer.
    I like sparkling chemistry between YY and Zheng Shuan. Wish to see the same in Alluring Smile but I guess YY character there has small difference from Ruo Bai.

    I’m so exited from connection of 3 CP series. I’m happy for fact that we will know what happen to Xiao Yao’s daughter and even see Xiao Yao after long time pass. Actually if production team invited Hu Ge to play old Xiao Yao it would be so great. This is only disappointment . Also I hope Xiao Man won’t end up like Ling Er.


    • I know! William Chan is killing that trailer! haha, the vibe of LTCLT reminds me of Rise of a Tomboy. :3 I will definitely check out Alluring Smile because they are just too cute as OTP together and the story is by an author I like. Hope they release it before the end of the summer.
      Chinese Paladin often have bad endings so I am not expecting the best. As Hu Ge is still under Tangren, I really hope he will do a cameo in CP5! That would be sooo cool (and make the drama worth watching for all the original fans!)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I like Wallace, but ehhh I was expecting a more skillful actor to be the male lead…at least one that matches Zhou Xun’s level of acting. I can’t imagine him as Qian Long, but let’s see how well he’ll do…


    • Honestly, me too. I was expecting an actor in their forties with a beard keke. Wallace Huo did many emperor roles already (The Glamourous Imperial Concubine, Imperial Doctress) and did some serious roles (Battle of Changsha). So honestly, acting wise, I am not too worried 😛 The only problem is that, with his casting now, it sounds like an idol drama haha


  3. I just have to correct that the title of the reality show that Ariel & Joe are in is Race the World 😉 The Amazing Race China will just be airing soon with Vanness and his sister as the only ones I know in the cast line-up lol!

    thank you for never failing to update us, dear!


    • Thanks for the correction! That does make sense because I remember how Amazing Race is supposed to be same pairing while this show changes from time to time. I knew something was wrong! I will keep an eye out for Vanness’ Amazing Race that will come soon 😉

      Welcome! Always happy to read your comments 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Jo says:

    I lol’d so much at the end with Jess and WC haha. Happy Mutan looks so cute and no words for Amazing Race haha and thanks for CP chart😊😊


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