Ma Ke for “The Journey” and Wallace Chung for “General and I”

The Journey held a press conference and General and I started shooting. Not much in common except that they are both in the production phase and … both leads are SUPER HOT! Hehe, it is eye candy time with the behind the scenes pictures 😉

Not much to say, except, MA KE IN WHITE HAIR is all I need to fix at all day, every day. ^^ Here is a quick post from their press conference two days ago. Check our other post for character stills 😉

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

General and I keep releasing stills of long shots and we can barely recognize the leads. We want more!! :3

1 2 3

The Behind-the-Scenes pictures

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6 thoughts on “Ma Ke for “The Journey” and Wallace Chung for “General and I”

  1. Fab says:

    I’m very much interested in these projects.

    But I am truely more excited for General and I.

    The good thing about having big stars is that they will soon after finishing everything go to TV (hopefully).

    Thanks for the updates!


    • Yeah! I need to see more stills for General and I and so far, they aren’t very generous with the stills xD But the visuals of Wallace Chung and Angelababy are so good together so I am curious to see their chemistry. Yes indeed, they just started filming now so I am sure they will get an air time for 2017!
      Welcome 😛


  2. Hannah says:

    ABB’s acting is mediocre at best, but somehow I can tolerate her onscreen over YM and Guli Nazar. All three are beautiful, but their acting can be lifeless.


    • I feel like Yang Mi increased a lot this year. Angelababy is not too bad in movies but she was horrible in Yun Zhong Ge. Can’t tell what her future holds in General and I xD


  3. Love the Novel, so I’m looking forward to “General and I.” Plus, Wallace isn’t so bad looking! TangYan and Angelbaby is probably Wallace’s most compatible pairs in terms of looks, So the prettiness will not be disappointed for sure.

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