Airing Dates for Chinese Dramas/Movies in June 2016

Yeah! Another month is starting! Get ready for Zhao Liying and Li Yifeng’s comeback on the small screen ^^

Airing Dates for Chinese Dramas

June 2, Yes Mr. Fashion 是!尚先生 with Chen Xuedong and Ouyang Nana

June 5, Epiphyllum dream 昙花梦 with Ady An and Qiao Zhenyu

June 6, Lucky Tianbao吉祥天宝 with Zhao Liying, Kim Kibum and Zhu Zixiao

June 7, My Fair Lady 我的朋友陈白露小姐 with Zhang Tian Ai

June 8, 劣人傳之詭計

June 20, Mystic Nine (Old Nine Gates) 老九门 with Zhao Liying, William Chan, and Lay

June 20, Liu Shan Men 六扇門 with Dili Reba and Raymond Lam.

June 23, Singing All Along 秀丽江山之长歌行 with Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong

June 24, Rookie Agent Rouge 胭脂 with Zhao Liying and Lu Yi

June TBA, Sparrow 麻雀 with Li Yifeng and Zhou Dongyu

June TBA, Ice Fantasy 幻城 with Feng Shaofeng, Victoria and Ma Tianyu

Airing Dates for Chinese Movies

[EDIT: mistake, Bounty Hunters come out on July 1st]

June 9th, One Night Only with Aaron Kwok, Yang Zishan

June 24th, Three with Wallace Chung, Zhao Wei, Louis Koo

June 30, So I Married My Hater with Park Chanyeol and Yuan Shanshan

9 thoughts on “Airing Dates for Chinese Dramas/Movies in June 2016

  1. Oh wow!!! June will likely be my favorite month this year, with dramas featuring my favorite actors AND a drama I’ve been waiting for the longest time (Chang Ge Xin, yassshhh!) — and 2 Wallace Chung movies!


  2. Jo says:

    I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for Epiphyllum dream to air!!!!and YES!!! Double the ZLY this month 💃💃💃 and yes!!! DOUBLE WALLACE 👏👏👏


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