Entertainment Update: Casting News, Stay With Me, TBAM, Yes Mr.Fashion


Be ready to roll roll roll as we have a pretty packed entertainment update for you today! So, what’s good?

We are not done with casting news! Roy Qiu is ready to come back to the Chinese small screen with new drama 星际驱魔人 The Exorcist with female lead Sun Yaoqi.


Movie 欧洲攻略 European Raiders has casted Tony Leung, Kris Wu Yifan and Tang Yan.


She Is Pretty has casted Dilireba and Sheng Yilun.



Another She Is Pretty drama starring newly-wed Zhang Xinyi and Guo Jingfei.

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Ou Hao (Super Boys, Left Ear) and Jing Tian (Legend of Banshu) has been casted together for movie 热血高校之青禾男高.

Mike D’Angelo and Rachel Mao are cast together for new drama Delicious Destiny.

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怦然心动 Art in Love is a sweet drama coming up on Hunan TV soon.


Wallace Huo‘s new movie 捉迷藏 Hide and Seek held a press conference on May 30th.

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Chen Xiao‘s new drama with Ying Er《舒克的桃花运》started shooting on May 28th.


Did you know Chen Xiao is filming a cooking drama with Ivy Chen? I didn’t! Oups xD It is called 火柴小姐的美味先生 Mr.Delicious Miss. Match.


Princess Agents officially started shooting! Look at the happy smile of Lin Gengxin hehe Is it because you are working with Zhao Liying and Shawn Dou?

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Luhan and Guli Nezha‘s 擇天記 Ze Tian Ji had their opening ceremony.


Ady An and Qiao Zhenyu at a press conference for their drama Epiphyllum dream.

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Meanwhile, here are some stills for Qiao Zhenyu’s new drama 大世界 Big World. It also stars Li Man, Lu Liangwei, Zheng Xiaoning, A Liya, and Wang Guan.

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New drama Super Star Academy Season 1 超能星学园 will start airing soon.


Reminder that drama To Be a Better Man starring Sun Honglei was released on May 31st.

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Rom-com Stay With Me starring Chen Qiao En and Wang Kai. Shake head at this weird combination: Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck? Crazy disney world!

1 2 3

Drama 女管家 with Janine Chang and Liu Huan released character posters.

1 2

New drama Strong Women with Hai Qing, Qin Hailu, and Chen Xiaoyi released more stills:

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Pretty posters for Yes Mr.Fashion!

5 6

Movie My Best Friend’s Wedding with Shu Qi, Feng Shaofeng and Song Qian released more stills!

1 2 3 4

Pictures of Victoria Song for a new CF as Dong Fang Bu Bai ^^

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You thought Hawick Lau was done with his dramas? Wrong! Here comes Full Love with Hawick Lau, Zhang Meng, Wang Ou and Zhu Yongteng.

1 2 3

结婚为什么Why Get Married starring Yao Di and Ren Zhong is a new drama that should appeal to all the 85s and 90s kids. They got a release date for June 24th for anyone curious ^^

1 2 3

New stills for Ode To Gallantry.

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New drama 《代号》Code stars Kimi Qiao, Zhang Heng and Zu Feng.

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Finally a drama with Godfrey Gao as lead. Remember Lichuan should come out soon:


Super cute still for General and I starring Wallace Chung and Angelababy.


Massive poster for drama In the Name of People 人民的名义 starring Lu Yi.


While Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng are reuning on Race the World, others are part of the Amazing Race! Up to their season 3 now, here is a big poster of the cast. I spot Vanness Wu.


Poor Baron Chen hurt himself on set of his new variety show 非凡搭檔. Now, he has to go back to Taiwan for surgery, halting all Chinese activities. I like him as an actor so this is really a shame. Recover fast!


One of the most adorable thing at Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi‘s wedding: Ma Tianyu protecting Hu Ge from all the fangirls 8D


Huang Xiaoming got a call from Angelababy and told her he loves her singing voice. Awwwnn… except we all know that she can’t sing xD Anyhow, happy one year wedding anniversary, you guys are the sweetest! ❤


I love bromance, especially with my favorite bros! Huang Bo went to Show Luo‘s Beijing concert to support. Haha, make Sun Honglei jealous 😉



11 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Casting News, Stay With Me, TBAM, Yes Mr.Fashion

  1. Fab says:

    Thanks so much!

    I always love and get giddy when I come up here and see Entertainment Update.

    I can’t read Chinese so your site is my go to place to know new projects and to follow projects that I’ve some interest on.

    Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      Awwwnnn that is so sweet! It takes time to put up these articles so it is nice to read appreciation comments 😀


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