More Posters for Novaland: Castle in the Sky


I am pretty excited for this drama 🙂 Castle in the Sky is one of my favourite anime movie of all time… it is the most innocent and beautiful setting to create a whole universe. I don’t think the drama is connected to the Japanese movie but it looks just as pretty!

Starring: Zhang Ruoyun, Guan Xiaotong, Ju Jingyi, Liu Chang, Chen Ruoxuan, Zhang Luyi,and more (click here for the first batch of posters and name of each actor).

Chinese name: 九州天空城

The drama gives a Ice Fantasy feeling doesn’t it? 😛 It tells the story of a civilization living in Novaland, a castle in the sky.

Love the ornament in her hair in these pictures:

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Other cute stills!

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23 thoughts on “More Posters for Novaland: Castle in the Sky

  1. xingfenzhen says:

    It actually set in the same universe as tribes and empires, but in a different era. It is an original story as well, and from the description is seems to be 1000 years after tribes and emipres if they are following the standard chronology.

    Essentially the winged race (羽人) and their kingdom was driven from their forest cities in 羽传说, 600 years prior to Tribes and Empires and in Tribes (海上牧云记)and they become assasins and mercenaries for the human empires, 1000 years after their are able unlock the secrets of flight, and build cites in the sky, and once again a kingdom of their own, in the sky.

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    • intellectualkitten says:

      OMG, thank you for summing that up for me ><
      The two dramas looks extremely different, it is hard to believe they are actually based on the same universe…
      In any case, the 羽人 sounds really interesting


      • xingfenzhen says:

        yeah, check out 羽传说 if you have a chance, it’s fairly short and interesting read. Supposebly, the production company that’s doing tribes and empires right now also bought the rights to 羽传说. While the company that’s doing Castle in the Sky (Eseentially Tencent/QQ), got the rights to 九州缥缈录, which is set in the same time frame as 羽传说, but is still the human side story. It’s similar to Tribes and Empires/海上牧云记, but the story is in a even grander scale.


      • xingfenzhen says:

        Just in case you don’t already know, Hua Xu Yin: City of Desperate love is also set in the same universe, and that is as different from Tribes and Empires as there is. However, both the book and drama does not adhere to the timeline set in other works, and some of the setting is messed up as well, therefore it’s considered non-canonical. And as a meta, the author has serious fall out with other authors in the Jiuzhou/Novoland community, to the point where the first edition of the book was named 九州华胥引, and later on it is just 华胥引. Though, with her plagiarism scandal, they wouldn’t want to be associated with her anyways.

        And if you have this sort of epic world building fatansy, another series the mirror is being made into a movie now, with some big hollywood names behind it as well. I sure you’ll here about it pretty soon. (That author also have plagiarism claims against her btw, so expect some drama in the blogsphere)


      • This is so interesting! In the past, I imagined that all fantasy dramas live in the same universe (tones of Nuwa descendants, powerful swords, magic lucky charms, etc). I know there are Chinese Mythology based, Xianxia based, etc. What would this universe be called? Jiuzhu dramas?
        I actually liked the Hua Xu Yin drama and thought their whole world was pretty complex and well thought. Of course, her plagiarism scandal right after it started airing was a serious bummer. 😦
        Will definitely check out more over this genre as it seems like it is taking over the cdramaland! Especially after Tribes and Empires become a hit. hehe, reminds me of when Xianxia drama first started.


  2. xingfenzhen says:

    Since I can’t reply to your comment, I’ll post it here.

    >What would this universe be called? Jiuzhu dramas?

    This universe is called Jiuzhou/九州, which sometimes is translated as Novoland. It basically a fictional universe with known world of 3 continent and 9 provinces. (Not fully explored sea to the east and deserts to the west) It has a history of 10000 years divided into ten eras and about 16 dynasty (on the human side)

    There are 30 books written for that universe and there are 7 principle authors that write novels for them. The project was started in early 2000s when Lord of Rings was popular in China, and people want do the kind of world building but based on Chinese mythology instead of usual Xianxia story with small scale adventure and a bit of romance. (Ice Fantasy, and 云荒Series also came from that era)

    Recently a lot of those book has turned into drama and movie, since China now have the budget to do those films and there is demand for them in the mainstream as well.

    The following is the Principle authors and their most famous works

    江南/Jiangnan: 缥缈录(Novoland Eagle Flag) This one is huge with 5 volumes
    今何在/Jinhezhai: 海上牧云记 (Storm of Prophecies), 羽传说 (Legend of Feather)
    大角/Dajiao: ·铁浮图 (Iron Calvary), 死者夜谈 (Tales of the Dead), 白雀神龟(White Bird and Magic Turtle)
    斩鞍/Zhan’an: 旅人(Traveler), 朱颜记 (Tales of Beauties) Unlike other author, he focusses on commoner’s teales rather than heroes and monarchs.
    唐缺/Tan Qe: 殇翼 (Lost Wings), 星痕 (Star Trail), 云之彼岸 (Farside of Clouds). He wrote mostly short novel telling a single event rather than long epics.

    I have posed in onehallyu with a map of jiuzhou/novoland here

    And here is a history of Jiuzhou from a reference book on it. However, that reference book is hasty done, and not all the princeple author aggree on the contents, so it’s just rough reference rather than a solid guide.

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    • WOW! You are amazing and really informed about this whole Novoland universe. First, thanks so much for answering my questions and even elaborating on this fascinating category of works. I feel like sharing the information you gave above by writing a Novoland post soon enough and hope it is ok for me to copy past your comment ^^ I feel like this is definitely something that can interest more people and truthfully, it deserves to have more posts about it on the web. We are pretty packed with posts for June, but I will definitely write a post about this before the end of the summer. Thanks again so much ❤


      • xingfenzhen says:

        Yeah, no problem. as long as you give some credit for it. Can you read Chinese? if so, there is a lot of information on baidu tieba.

        Also here is a more detailed map of Jiuzhou/Novoland, which have the names of major cites, mountains, lakes and rivers etc. It is definitely the most well thought out fantasy setting in modern Chinese literature.

        However, because of disputes between the authors in 2007, development has more or less stopped and only very few novels has came out. But as more and more them get drama adoption, perhaps it will revive interest in this universe again, there are a lot of holes in the 10,000 year chronology and plenty of stories to write about.

        Currently, Hua Xi Yin/华胥引, Storms of Prophecies/海上牧云记, Eagle Flag/缥缈录, 鲛珠传(A movie based on Hua Xi Yin, staring 张天爱 from Go Princess Go) and Castle in the Sky/天空城 (Original Story, written by 唐缺/Tan Que. Interestingly the novel will come out after the drama)


      • Definitely will do! I sadly don’t read Chinese and mostly bases myself on google translate 😛 Tieba can still be relevant for others though so I will keep that in mind. Thanks a lot!
        I am sure the Novoland universe will get more and more interest. Just like with xianxia dramas, it only need a really good one to set a trend 😉 And in this case, they have so many projects line-up to keep us addicted 8D


  3. Fab says:

    Thanks to you I know the name of the project in Chinese so I could type it and find out pictures and the trailer.

    Yeah! They released the trailer!


    I love!

    Now I can only hope the story, the script, the acting and the visuals are awesome.


    • Yeah, we like to put Chinese title if we can as it really opens up to better research on Youtube, Baidu, Weibo, etc 😉
      Thanks to creidesca and you for letting us know about the new trailer. We will add it to the upcoming entertainment update!


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