[Recap] Go Fighting Ep. 7: Part 2, Who is the Successor?


Hehe, new recaps for Go Fighting! Yeahhh ^^ Since Archidisign was nice enough to do a full recap for Episode 7, let’s give it its own article :)) Hopefully the episode tomorrow will be fun ^^

Episode 7: Gold Chasing Part 2


One year ago, on the episode 2 of season 1’s Go Fighting series, our six men raced against each other on a psychological intense competition to determinate the heir of their rich grandfather under the eyes of the lawyer Wang. Lay succeded the competition after a true learning lesson with hi big brother Sun Honglei… BUT it turns out not everything ended.


Laywer Wang explains that he had kept 180 golden bars from last year knowing the discords between the brothers. Today’s goal is to get all the 180 bars in the hand of one person through different mission. The people are seperated in two teams made of 1) Show Luo, Lay, Wang Xun and 2) Sun Honglei, Huang Bo, Huang Lei. Each team is send to a destination (dim sum place or a boat) where they will have to find a suitcase. In the case of first team, Lay was especially smart by understanding that he had to order only recommended dishes from the menu and gets the suitcase.


The real mission is then revelead. The goal is not only to open the suitcase, but to be the last person to open the good suitcase (the original suitcase is really big and actually contains many others).

Funny/Key moments included:

  • Everyone going to the hairsalon and cosplaying with the staff there. Also, Lay trying to protect his suitcase from the arrival of Sun Honglei and refusing a hug just in case he has something else in mind.
  • 12 13
  • At the mall, Lay gets his suitcase stolen by Sun Honglei. However, out of brotherhood, he decides to give it back to Lay… only to get it stolen by Huang Bo! Haha, this is how it works ^^
  • 19 20
  • The PD make Sun Honglei go up a scary attraction construction to find a code, but turns out it was below his seat. Both Lay and Huang Bo sees the code, but it doesn’t work. It is because the code was for team one while the code team one found was for team two’s suitcase. Without realizing this, Sun Honglei tells the code to the wrong person…
  • 9 10
  • At the next station of exchanging the box to see if it is a real or a fake, people gets once again their suitcases stolen. After a few moves, the right suitcase is in the hand of Wang Xun. To get all the money (by finding the last key), he must bungy jump. He brings all his courage together to do it after all to get the key, only to find out that the last box was empty.
  • 16 17 18
  • Haha, it is time to take revenge on Wang lawyer!
  • 7

Bonus: Huang Lei imitating Lay


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