[Recap] Yu Zui 余罪 Ep. 5-8


While waiting for season two to start, let me write another quick recap for season one. Hehe, it was packed with actions and got a lot darker compared to the first five episodes. Bonus, this drama is starting to pick up the ratings ^^ Yeah!

Drama information

  • Chinese name: 余罪
  • Adapted from a novel of the same name, check baidu page here.
  • 24 Episodes in total
  • Length: 45min/episode
  • They will do 2 seasons, all will be released for IQiYi VIP membership.

Cast: Zhang Yishan, Chang Rong, Wu You, Zhang Jincheng, Du Ziming, Wang Ge, Ge Zheng, Zhang Cheng, Bai Yihong, Sun Jiayu, Zhang Yujian, Yu Xiao.

Go check out first four episodes recap here.

Episode 5

Yu Zui is now in prison where he is first bullied by the other inmates. He himself is super down, thinking he killed someone.


Seeing this, the supervisor Xu Pingqiu sends the “victim” to see Yu Zui. He finally understand that all of this is a plot and he is in prison for nothing, especially not killing a man. All these dangers were created by Xu Pingqiu. Angered, he picks a fight with the say man and is now ready to go back in prison stronger than ever. This time, he shows to the rest of the people in his cell who he really is. Through intimidation, he becomes the number two in his cell, just below another older inmate Fu Guosheng who used to be a teacher.


Episode 6

One day arrives in the prison cell a new more docile inmate. However, this newcommr has another agenda as his goal was to kill Fu Guosheng. Yu Zui catches him right before the act, which causes Fu Guosheng to have a deeper respect for him. FGS tells YZ that he can come see him whenever he wants when they both get discharged and he will have a good job waiting for him. From this, YZ understands that FGS is no normal person. On the other hand, XPQ sends YZ’s good friend (now a policeman) to prison to talk. Turns out all this training had a second purpose: find a good spy for a dangerous mission. If YZ accepts to be their special spy, they will let him discharge. After hesitating, YZ accepts. However, when he gets out, he realizes that his target will be FGS who is actually a mafia man and the mission will be extremely dangerous. Hesitating again, he finally agrees and start plotting on how to get in contact with the old man when he will also be discharged.

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Episode 7

The plan is simple. They will make Yu Zui work as a local road officer when FGS’s car will pass by. At that moment, FGS will definitely come up realizing that something is off. He then realizes that Yu Zui got the job through once again stealing/violence and hence tells him to follow him as soon as possible. Now, Yu Zui is inside Fu Guosheng’s HQ. On the surface, FGS is operating a porn industry company, but in reality, he is doing drug trafficking. Yu Zui is send to work at the factory and there, he realizes that the assistant Jiao Tao’s office must hide something precious because it is always locked.

23 24

Episode 8

Through tricks, Yu Zui gets the key to the office of the assistant Jiao Tao and at night, goes in his office to get clues. He succeeds, but it results with him getting nearly caught by JT. At the same time, FGS starts to get suspicious of YZ and tests him twice.

Once, FGS finds the “victim” (the under covered policeman) that Yu Zui supposed killed. Both acts out that they are mad at each other and starts a fight. YZ gets himself hurt on purpose.


The second time, FGS brings Yu Zui to a basement party where all kind of mafia leaders attend. There, he kills the man who tried to murder him in prison (the docile inmate) and let YZ take care of cleaning…


-end recap ep 8-


Like always, ending a Zhang Yishan post with a nostalgic picture! ^^ Both him and Yang Zi graduating togather from the Beijing Performing Arts Academy.

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