Zhao Liying Special: Zhu Xian and Lucky TianBao!


I hope everyone coming on the blog are Zhao Liying fans are else, you will find June very boring xD It is the time of the year for my girl to shine and she worked extra hard all this time for all her projects that are coming out now… Let’s look into two of them today, Zhu Xian alongside Li Yifeng and Yang Zi and Lucky Tianbao alongside Kim Kibum and Zhu Zixiao.

Zhu Xian finally released an official trailer that has more content and action scene. The character of Li Yifeng voice-over through the trailer to talk about his regrets and life goals. I really like the trailer and it reminds me of a mix of Hua Qian Gu and Ancient Swords (da! obviously). I am curious to see the twenty minute trailer now :3

Gif from the trailer

1 2 3

The fact that the production team is releasing more goodies mean that they are looking to air the drama soon, but so far, no air date had been released. Let’s wait patiently… More stills that I had collected so far and also new ones that got released today:

Li Yifeng

3 4 6

Zhao Liying

5 7

Yang Zi

21  8

Rest of the Cast

9 10 11 12 13 14

On the other hand, Lucky Tianbao is a drama with a release date! They are set to air starting tomorrow June 6th at 20:00PM, China Time. The leads are Kim Kibum and Chen Yulin. The cast is pretty chill and I especially like the second lead couple: Zhao Liying and Zhu Zixiao, hehe. They look so cute together. The trailer was released long time ago and you can check it out below. I don’t like the dark turn it goes into, but I really like all the pretty costumes that Liying has. Zhu Zixiao was my crush in the Chinese F4 and he never disappoints acting wise. I wish them luck!

New really nice song!

More (really old) stills! The drama was filmed at the end of 2013! Time sure pass fast.

Character Stills

1 2 3

Poster like Stills

1 3 9 11 12 24


4 5 6 7 8 2314 15


18 thoughts on “Zhao Liying Special: Zhu Xian and Lucky TianBao!

  1. Fab says:

    I was a little bit crazy while watching the trailer for Zhu Xian. I think I’ve said OMG at least thee times.
    I think it’s time to pray that the script, the visuals effects, everything and everyone is amazing in the series to justify an amazing trailer.

    Zhu Zixiao looks so handsome for Lucky Tianbao.



    • Haha, best gift this morning = trailer released!! This trailer is above what I expected and this is such an upgrade from past xianxia dramas (although HQG also slayed me last year). Like, I like how smooth the special effects are and the action scenes seem to be on point! *Pray*

      I know, I hope Zhu Zixiao and Zhao Liying can promote together for the drama


  2. Amy Lee says:

    Omg I was watching the trailer for Lucky Tian Bao and I was uh, isn’t this old? I hadn’t realised that I’d seen the trailer so many times but it hadn’t been broadcasted yet looool. Can you recognise the lake scene at 00:33 as the same hideout in Hua Qian Gu? Hahah I love it when I can recognise the settings used in dramas and films.


    • Same, I had been watching this trailer wayy too many times already. To be fair, it is a pretty good, funny and ageless trailer. OMG, I never noticed *_* Haha, totally, it looks exactly the same! You have such good eyes!


  3. I underrated Zhu Xian so much but OMG trailer is breathtaking, I chocked and forgot how to breath during whole video. Amazing I didn’t expect to see so many amazing scenes and fresh entourage.
    I’m speechless if even Liying didn’t have much screen-time there I will watch it no matter what because it looks so good. Even Tribe and Empires lose to this. I’m watching trailer again and again. It must be masterpiece!

    Kibum’s acting is cringe-worthy


    • Same. The stills so far had felt big budget, but very bland. It was missing the trailer! A lot of cool scenes! I am not a 100% satisfied though because I love to have lots of romance in my dramas and so far, both female leads are badass, but barely has any interaction with the male lead. Conclusion: I need another trailer!
      For me, Tribe and Empires is the masterpiece that just blew me away because I didn’t expect it to be that great. For Zhu Xian, I already had high expectations hehe
      Kibum is so happy go lucky so this role fits him I guess. But he looks so out of place and I am sure he will be the cause of all the misfortunes in the drama. Don’t think I will want to root for his character 😛


  4. Hannah says:

    I’m looking forward to BY more. ZLY can captivate the audience with limited screen time, lol

    Her other drama looks ok. Here’s the one time we get to see first female with second male. I like ZLY in ancient dramas. She looks good in her costumes.

    My summer will be jammed with so many dramas. I’m also looking forward to Ruby’s new drama on top of ZLY’s. 😀


    • Yeah, won’t lie: Liying is definitely the main reason I am so into this drama. Yang Zi is a great actress, but her character looks so cold from the stills 😦
      I am still not sure if Zhao Liying is female lead or second female lead in Lucky Tianbao. Either way, she is female lead in my heart (so cheesy). But seriously, will definitely skip watch for her!
      Yeah, I want to give Singing All Along a try too cause RL+YH is gonna be awesome.


      • xingfenzhen says:

        Yes, but they are on a mich tighter schedule though, and their budget is around the same level as tribes, but less than half the time to do it. Zhu Xia only started filming last December, wrapped up in May and now will need to air in July. (The there is Chinese new year break in between as well) I can imagine how frantic their set was during this period, as well as only two month of pure post production. Tribes in comparison started filming last August, also wrapped in May, and would air in December.


      • that is very true. I remember hearing about Tribe and Empires vaguely a really long time ago, while as I felt like Zhu Xian took more time to officialize the cast then to actually film xD Zhu Xian is set to become an idol drama and I think they did all they can to cast famous names that can appeal easily to the public. It must had been crazy to work with such a short filming period and such a huge cast. Can’t imagine the stress.
        I definitely prefer if the drama production teams could take them time to think through the whole process like they seem to be doing with Tribe and Empires 😀


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