[Drama] Song of Phoenix Part 2


Or at least, part 2 on this new blog. This drama has amazing wardrobe as everyone looks pretty and the light color scheme really highlight every actors’ features. With an overall cast that includes Ma Ke, Zhang Xinyu, Qiao Zhenyu and Yi Yang Qian Xi, this upcoming hit drama already secured an airing channel with Hunan TV and online with IQiYi.

BE READY for a lot of pictures as I had been collecting stills the whole month for this post and they released so much =_= I am sure they will release even more soon, but I feel like if I add any more pictures, this post will explode. xD On the bright side, all the stills are pretty 😉


It is war times. Born from a good family is the child prodigy Qu Yuan (Ma Ke). By unlikely circumstances, he falls in love with Mo Chou Nu 莫愁女 (Slave girl). Because of their different status and identity, they cannot be together. Stubborn, the two have to go through countless obstacles to be together and get entangled in politics and palace schemes. It is also the story if how, step by step, Qu Yuan tries to save his country. [spoiler] [ending] He fails in his mission and goes into despair. Zhang Xinyu’s character embark on a boat to errant around the Jianghu.

Ma Ke

6 7 8 9

Qiao Zhenyu

1 21 2 3 4 5 6

Yi Yang Qian Xi

1 2 3 74 5 6

The Men

4 510 12 14 15 16 17

New Character Posters

1 2

Zhang Xinyu

1 32

Liang Tian

3 4 62

Liu Yun

1 2 3 4 5

Yu Yingying

1 2 3 4 5 6

The Ladies

1   4 5

New Character Still


Special Character Posters

8 79 10 11

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