Entertainment Update: Posters, Posters, Posters!


Be ready for a series of posters and trailers non-stop @_@ I wonder why every project is releasing posters this week…? Is it because of the upcoming Shanghai Film Festival? (If yes, I approve~)

Shu Qi goes public on her dating status! Her boyfriend is Stephen Fung, an actor from Hong Kong.

Huang Xuan is definitely the next IT actor. He has been casted in a new movie alongside Wang Luodan. This romantic comedy will be released on Valentine’s Day next year!4562c440gw1f4ly1wf6i8j20fv0m8dhl4562c440gw1f4ly1f5ouqj20et0m8abc

New period drama based on popular online novel The Good Wife in Noble Family will star Chinese girl group SNH48 members.


Three Worlds will be adapted into a webdrama, starring Vivien Tang and a few other new actors


Chen Qiao En will star in another drama: The Unique China Queen 

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Pretty picture for General and I starring Angelababy, Wallace Chung, and Sun Yizhou


Talking about Sun Yizhou, another reminder that his next drama 怒江之战 will start airing on June 20th.



New poster for Sweet Sixteen


New poster for Princess Weiyoung


Tang Yan looks amazing in this advertisment for video game:

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New poster for Just a Smile is Alluring


New poster for Stay With Me, starring Wang Kai and Chen Qiao En.


New poster for Starry Night, the upcoming drama of Feng Shaofeng and Bea Hayden


New poster for The Gods starring Wang Likun. The trailer starring Luo Jin and Wang Likun looks amazing! I don’t see that many illogical plots compared to what I expected and Wang Likun is totally nailing Daji ❤


New poster for Liu Shan Men starring Dili Reba and Raymond Lam


Another poster for Braveness of the Ming starring Zhang Han and Park Minyoung.


Poster for new drama My Mother My Goddess with Lee Dahae and Jin Xing.


Drama Love Package with Qiao Zhengyu released posters.


New movie Never Say Goodbye will star Lee Junki and Zhou Dongyu


Luhan will star in the drama Fighter of the Destiny! And it looks pretty awesome ^^. Chen Changsheng was adopted by a monk, but of course, his biological parents are from a lot less humble background: royalty. On his quest to find a mysterious remedy, he meets the beautiful and mysterious Xu Yourong, portrayed by Gulinazha. It is funny how, from the posters, the main character seems like the less extravagant of the gang.


New posters and trailer for Finding Soul starring the TFboys


Special photoshoot of the boys:

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Drama Rookie Agent Rouge released a second trailer of 17 minutes!!!

Drama Xuan Wu 玄武 with Peter Ho and Zhang Liyan released more stills as well as a pretty nice trailer.

1 2 3


Han Dongjun and Sun Yi‘s drama Ren Sheng Ruo Ru Chu Xiang Jian《人生若如初相见》released more stills.

1 2 4

Pictures from Bu Bu Jing Xin Korean:


First posters out for new drama She is Beautiful with the freshest and trendiest fast out there: Dili Reba and Sheng Yilun. What a beautiful combination.

1 2 3 4

Drama 继承人 Successor starring Hawick Lau and Jiang Xin released new stills

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Les Interpretes will have a season 2! However, it will be a completely different story and the actors will need to learn another language: Korean.


New trailer for drama Big World 大世界 starring Qiao Zhengyu. Be ready for quite a dark story…

Three extra stills for Song of Hero starring Li Man, Gao Yunxiang and Zhu Zixiao.

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On the other hand, the Legend of Ace team decided to give themselves a reward.

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Tang Yan and Yonghwa (from CNBLUE) participating in a press conference for their upcoming movie on… food!.. Haham look at what Tang Yan is holding in her hand xD


netizens noticed how TY has a piece of meat in her right hand hehe

This movie looks pretty badass, just because it stars Ge You and Nicholas Tse and will be produced by Feng Xiaogang 😛 I am already sign up for it ^^


Another project I am super excited for: “Trepassing from Your World” with Deng Chao, Yang Yang, and Bai Baihe


New BTS from the drama The Rhapsody Of A Summer Dream shows Go Joon-Hee and Zhu Zixiao walking together.


Finally, selfie of Show Luo and Jay Chou together. What eyecandy ❤




4 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Posters, Posters, Posters!

  1. Jess says:

    I find Huang Xuan to be really interesting: he’s not particularly good looking, not too charismatic in real life (saw a bunch of his interviews and reality show) and also not at the level of superb acting ability but the guy is just do damn charismatic on screen. He’s slowly becoming one of my favorite people to watch.

    Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      I can definitely see that! He has a very subtle charm and I am considering watching Tribes and Empires when it gets released!


  2. Amy Lee says:

    Ah that’s not a 17 mins trailer for Rookie Agent Rouge; it’s more like one of those entertainment infomercials (only 4 mins at the beginning is actually the trailer) — I thought 17 mins was too good to be true! That’s far too generous of DragonTV lol

    As for Les Interpetes, I’m assuming that this means a new cast also? why not just leaves things be 😦


    • Ahh you are totally right 😦 I didn’t watch the whole trailer so I didn’t notice. xD That’s true. Well, still happy we got to see four minutes of awesome Zhao Liying being cute and badass at the same time. The story sounds average so far though. Hope it is more fun than the trailer xD
      I know right! Wish they would stop doing season twos if they cannot bring back the same cast.


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