[Drama] Just a Smile is Alluring with Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang


The drama has (finally) released some official stills… and I didn’t want to be biased 😛 (Interesting enough, both are having the same pose for the poster)

Cast: Yang Yang, Zheng Shuang

Release date: TBA 2016

The drama is directed by Lin Yufen, the gifted woman behind Hua Qian Gu, Chinese Paladin 3, Bu Bu Jing Xin, and Three Lives Three Worlds. She collaborated a lot with Tangren :P… It is funny how the director of the movie version Zhang Yibai is also directing the movie version of Three Worlds whereas she is also directing the drama version. I see competition *.*

Copy paste of what I wrote yesterday:

English translation of the book here by Dreams of Jianghu. Book written by Gu Man, the author behind Boss and Me, My Sunshine, and more.


Xiao Nai is the school prince AND gaming expert. It is love at first sight when he sees Wei Wei on her computer, playing a video game. The two falls in love, both in the real world and the virtual world.

I am so happy to see Yang Yang again in the drama world! He will play once again the ideal prince, but I am not one to complain ^^ Also, him and Zheng Shuang seems to have a lot of chemistry~

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Official stills

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5 thoughts on “[Drama] Just a Smile is Alluring with Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang

  1. We did have a few stills before, though not as pretty as these ones. I love that on the poster, Yang Yang’s eyes are closed while Zheng Shuang has hers open. What a change from your classic drama ^^


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yep, but those were mostly BTS or unedited stuffs >< These are more "guess what? the drama will be out soon!~" Haha, I realized it too


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