2 Dramas 1 Post: Late Night Diner and Delicious Love


Drama Late Night Diner has wayy too many actors that I can’t even tell who the lead really is. I know the story is based from the Japanese manga called Shinya Shokudo and it is basically a collection of short stories of people coming around midnight at this night snack bar to eat some comfort food. For now, I just tag this drama as “the drama Huang Lei is producing”. The second drama on this post is another one that is very similar to the first one: Delicious Love! It is the first time that both plays leads (in China) even though they (Mike D’Angelo, Rachel Mao) had showed their great acting skills for years now! Both dramas are about food and have similar stills. So I decided to put the two dramas in one post. 😉

Drama: Late Night Diner

  • Chinese name: 深夜食堂
  • Japanese name: Shinya Shokudou


  • Chen Yanfei
  • Zhang Wen
  • Ren Ronxuan aka Lorene Ren
  • Qian Yongchen
  • Sun Yongliang
  • Zhang Ruihan
  • Jaing Qilin
  • Jia Jinghui
  • Yang Yitong
  • Huang Lei

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Second drama: Delicious Love

Character Stills

Mike D’Angelo

1 2

Rachel Mao

3 4

Chen Xinyu

5 6

Zhang Yujian

7 8

6 thoughts on “2 Dramas 1 Post: Late Night Diner and Delicious Love

  1. Biy, Mike is doing a lot of Chinese Dramas! I love foodie dramas! Yes, Late Night Diner is like an ensemble drama. Master (the diner owner) is the main character of sorts with a collection of regulars surrounding but different story lines of other customers. I’ve watched the original Japanese as well as the Korean and both were very, very good! I look forward to this latest version!


    • Same! Love when food is in the drama and sometime, wish they would have a better shot of it while eating hehe
      Mike got a Chinese agency I think. The thing is, he grew up in Thailand, but he is of Thai Chinese descendant. So it is totally natural for him to come try out the Chinese entertainment world. I remember he had great success as an actor in Thailand so hope he will be able to balance it out properly.
      Yeah, I am curious how they will make a drama out of it. The manga was such a fun and easy read so I am sure the drama will also be very lighthearted. Hope they will introduce delicious Chinese food as I love watching those kind of videos 8D


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