Shanghai TV Film Festival Crowns Hu Ge and Sun Li


In the entertainment world, my favorite event is a wedding. My second favorite is an award show. It is the perfect time to see all the celebrities hang out together, months after their dramas ended filming/released and some of them finally get the recognization they deserve. All in all, I am especially happy with this Shanghai TV Festival Awards also called Magnolia Awards. Here are the highlights!


First, let’s start with some red carpet pictures ^^

My queen acing her life! Some cute Zhao Liying moments! She sang Can’t Be Said (from Hua Qian Gu drama) at the ceremony:

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The performance:

Some other beautiful people: Wallace Chung and Angelababy. They are costarring in upcoming cdrama General and I.


Another powerful combination is Zhang Han with Go Junhee as they are the leads for drama The Rhapsody of a Summer. The rest of the cast follows: Song Yi, Zhu Yilong and Zhu Zixiao.

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Is Hu Ge sad because he can’t sit with Wallace Huo anymore? I feel ya, bro, I fee l ya!


Ming Dao and Jiang Wenli


Peter Ho looks happy to be presenting awards tonight!


Wang Ou, Jin Dong and Liu Yijun


Hawick Lau


Legend of Miyue is all about Woman power! The drama wins Best Drama, Best Lead Actress (Sun Li) and Best Supporting Actress (Liu Tao)


Another drama that was under the spotlight: Nirvana on Fire. It wins Best Actor and Best Director.


Presentation of the winners:



10 thoughts on “Shanghai TV Film Festival Crowns Hu Ge and Sun Li

  1. Ann says:

    Love ZLY’s second dress. I saw some pictures and the front/sleeves are stunning. So is the back! Gorgeous. But, can you believe the first dress is Oscar De La Renta? It looks kinda cheap and almost like a prom dress to me?


    • Yeah! Her perfomrance dress is so perfect, especially the back *_* I have no idea what a Oscar De La Renta is worth, but this one does feel a bit less good quality? Although, I don’t really mind that dress either. That haircut however is way too simple to go with that dress!
      ps; she is performing so much this year. What a busy bee!


      • Ann says:

        Well, I’m thinking around $15000 to $30000. Yea, that’s true too. The messy braid goes well with the performance dress though! Yea, can’t wait for all her dramas to be released 🙂 which ones are you planning to watch?


      • so much money I can invest in my tution :’D jk
        I will definitely check out Old Nine Gates when it will come out (June 20th if VIP members are willing to share). I feel like checking out Rookie Agent Rouge too to see if it is worth it since the trailer didn’t really hook me yet. I watched the first two episodes of Lucky Tianbao and although she wasn’t bad, I find her character a bit stupid: who falls in love with a good for nothing Tianbao? Will wait for the angsy episodes to get released to try it out again.
        I also want to keep watching Yu Zui as new episodes will come out next week ^^


      • Hannah says:

        I zoomed through TB. So glad I didn’t waste too much time watching it, lol The drama was a HUGE miss. The only good thing was ZLY and her beautiful outfits. Haha

        Plot sucks. Bad editing. Lack of character development. Jeez

        By the way, ZLY, indeed, is 2nd female lead. I believe she plays a more memorable character because of her ending.


      • Haha, there is already 19 episodes out! Maybe I should go back to skip watch ZLY+ZZX moments. After all, they are playing second leads so it shouldn’t be THAT many scenes. Totally agree that it can be a lost of time for non Zhao Liying fans. It is a 2013 drama so we need to be forgiving!


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