Shanghai Film Festival Makes Our Hearts Flutter


HAHAHA… OMG, when I told you guys LORD casted half of the entertainment world, I wasn’t lying. At today’s Shanghai film festival, they came together for a group picture and blowed my mind with their… stage presence. Everyone, please prepare your heart for what comes below 🙂

Gorgeous gorgeous couple: Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming! This gal knows how to take a good BTS picture 😛


Fang Bingbing (I don’t dig the dress,  but at least I love the make up and the bold earrings)

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The cast of League of Gods: Fan Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming, and Angelababy


Here come the cast of LORD!

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They also held a press conference for the movie. All I can say is the whole cast (except maybe Fan Bingbing) can’t draw

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Liu Tao with Jackie Chan! Okay, I think we have our winner for best date ever

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Jackie Chan came to promote his movie Railroad Tigers with his gang including Darren Wang and Tao Huang

704_1940167_213135 704_1940168_180069

Cast of Skiptrace with Fan Bingbing and Jackie Chan


The cast of Kungfu Yoga with Jackie Chan, Ma Su and Aarif Rahman


Wallace Chung, the little sunshine ❤ He came with Louis Koo for the movie Three


He also arrived with his co-stars from Bounty Hunters

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The man also have another movie: Tik Tok


Once Upon a Time with Liu Yifei and Yang Yang

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Liu Yifei and Kris for Never Gone (gosh, this girl is the luckiest tonight!)


Shu Qi and Victoria for Wedding of My Best Friend

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Tang Yan and Han Geng for Chinese Odyssey 3

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I love Tong Liya‘s grown. She came with Nicholas Tse and Liu Qingyun to promote Heartfall Arises

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Cold War with all the men!

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My War with Wang Luodan and Tony Yang

704_1940179_683968 704_1940181_516408

The cast of Beautiful Accident with Ouyang Nana


Cast of Love Parcel

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The Eternal Wave with Aaron Kwok and Zhang Han but missing Zhao Liying


The cast of 追凶者也 with Liu Ye


Ada and Julian Cheung came for S. Storm 2


Here comes bestie Ruby Lin. Her look is flawless. She came with the cast of The Precipice Game with Peter Ho and Jing Shijia

704_1940078_115055704_1940081_171158 704_1940084_461405

Korean actress Han Jiwon also came with her cast mate Chen Bolin


The cast of 冲天火 including Amber Kuo


Chen He and Song Jihyo came together for Express Delivery


12 thoughts on “Shanghai Film Festival Makes Our Hearts Flutter

  1. OMG, so many actors posed for so many projects. It reminds me of my HS graduation ceremony, where we just didn’t leave and stayed around to take pictures with everyone, taking hundred of pictures with various groups of friends. Bet the red carpet must had been packed all day! Everyone is there and looking great! I don’t mind Fan Bingbing’s dress although I would love a bit more neck cleavage :3 Angelababy definitely looks the best in my opinion, but no one can beat Liu Tao+Jackie Chan. Please make them do a project together (or are they?)!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lia says:

    Angela baby and Fan BingBing has the most beautiful dresses. I really love the Crystals on Fan BingBing’s dresses

    Kris Wu looks too gorgeous especially with Liu Yifei ❤ he has the most interesting outfits among the men, since he's fashionable. Notice he doesn't go for the suit and tie ensemble? He pulls his outfit off well

    Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yes! Kris and William Chan both have really nice and bold fashion statement. But for this festival, Kris Wu definitely won 🙂

      Angelababy and FBB are glittered perfection


  3. HJ says:

    First film festival red carpet debut for Vic and she really rocked it last night. Loved her hair, dress, everything was perfect 🙂


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yes, she is so beautiful 🙂 Her grown is lovely. She had another event today and she looks gorgeous in white too 😛


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Totally agree, it looks slightly awkward? The dress is not too bad, but it is just not for her.
      Tong Liya’s have so many details on it!


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