[Recap] Yu Zui 余罪 Ep. 9-12


Last part of the recaps for season one! More hesitation for Yu Zui and a lot more dangerous as he keeps working as a spy for the police against the mafia. Be ready as season two starts today, June 12th!

Drama information

  • Chinese name: 余罪
  • Adapted from a novel of the same name, check baidu page here.
  • 24 Episodes in total
  • Length: 45min/episode
  • They will do 2 seasons, all will be released for IQiYi VIP membership.

Cast: Zhang Yishan, Chang Rong, Wu You, Zhang Jincheng, Du Ziming, Wang Ge, Ge Zheng, Zhang Cheng, Bai Yihong, Sun Jiayu, Zhang Yujian, Yu Xiao.

Go check out first four episodes recap here and epsiodes 5-8 here.

Episode 9

After taking care of the body, Yu Zui realises the true danger of his task: it is the first time in his life to see a living body be killed. He drinks and cries, but after talking with his supervisors, decide to keep going as the police mole.

8 9

He is send by Fu Guosheng to the team of another mafia leader Zheng Chao (who wants to kill FGS). There, YZ gets his finger almost dislocated, gets beaten up,… Zheng Chao shows him the rules of the underground world. YZ stays strong and as a consequence of the injuries, is sent to a clinic. He uses the opportunity to communicate with the police. Later at the nightclub, YZ meets up with FGS. FGS gives him a lot of money and tell him to get closer to Zheng Chao.

10. 21

Episode 10

YZ creates an opportunity for FGS and ZC to meet at the nightclub. The police suddenly arrives and they all run outside where YZ uses this chance to clear off all anger between FGS and ZC. At the same time, the police notices the drug on the policeman killed (whose body was found in the river in the first episode) has traces of drugs and connects it with FGS. Turns out the dead policeman was the fiance of policewoman Lin Yujing. The police group is slowly preparing their big operation. At the same time, YZ’s classmate Jie Bing discover YZ is connected to the drug dealers and decide to put him behind bars.

12 15

Episode 11

Yu Zui receives his first mission related to the drugs: be a night driver. Out of four trucks of goods, one has drugs and the other three have average contents. Without knowing which one has what, Yu Zui and others each drive one of the truck to destination. The first three trucks pass without problem which makes Zheng Chao understand that Yu Zui has the truck full of illegal content. He lies to YZ and he keeps driving. On his way, YZ once again his old classmate Jie Bing, now a policeman and turns around multiple time make him lose his track. At the end, Yu Zui arrives to destination. He sends a signal to the police force but because of the strong rain, they are unable to locate him. YZ throws away the secret GPS, afraid to be discovered. He meets with the drug dealer… who wants to shot him.

Episode 12

Everyone at the police station think Yu Zui died. In reality, he was saved by Jiao Tao under the order of Fu Guosheng. The next day, Yu Zui goes to see his other classmate An Jialu (the girl he likes) for her to draw the face of his murderer and drug trafficker, which is given to the police for further investigation. After attending Lin Yujing’s fiance’s funerals, Yu Zui decides to restart and make sure he does a good job as a spy. He goes back to FGS and acting pissed, he wants to climb higher on the hierarchy and take over Zheng Chao’s role. At the same time, Zheng Chao wants to get rid of Yu Zui and calls the police to tell them Yu Zui is trafficking drugs. Once again, YZ meets classmate Jie Bing.


-end of episode 12-

As always, ending with a picture of Zhang Yishan!




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