[Recap] Go Fighting Ep. 8-9


Here we go for another two episodes of fun and laughs all around! No guest on both occasion and we end up with our favorite six brothers chilling together in amical competitions.

Episode 8: Bring back the smile of the world!

On earth exists a small village where the evil XXX reign. On this land, no one is allowed to smile. Our GF gang of men must save these people by collecting three exotic plants. Attention, among them, there is a spy that will ruin the mission. Wait, how many spy is there?

Lay is chosen to be the first leader of the day. Huang Bo gets suspicious and start to wonder… is this a cover up? To enter the forbidden village, they must not laugh for 10 seconds under the tickling of adorable “pumas”:

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.23.21 AM

Here comes the guys in the attraction park! Succeeding the mission gave them the chance to save a plant. Two persons (Huang Bo and Lay) enters the black room and both clicks the green light; hence, the plant is saved.


The group spots a stand selling huge fried chicken sponsored by Huang Bo. As the ambassador, Huang Bo is allowed to get some for everyone >< (why did I watch this episode on an empty stomach?)

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.23.57 AM

For the second mission, the boys (Show Luo, Wang Xun, Huang Bo and Huang Lei) have to put make up on themselves and go on a roller coaster. Oh boy… the result was not pretty

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.24.40 AM

For the second round, Huang Bo and Huang Lei manage to blackmail the lady to come with them on the roller coaster. She is pretty brave if I must say!

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.25.30 AM Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.25.47 AM

This time, three persons enters (Show Luo, Wang Xun, and Huang Bo), and again they manage to save the plant.

Third mission, make the employers at the headquarter laugh! What the guys decide to do: draw on the headquarter’s boss face and make the employer’s laugh. Oh hell, I for one laughed so much in this segment.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.26.59 AM

As they succeed the mission… there is now another opportunity to save the plant. Show Luo, Wang Xun, Sun Honglei, and Lay are chosen and enter the black room. However, there is now a red light! The plant falls and everyone starts to freak out, assuming it must have been Sun Honglei.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.28.31 AM

The main PD appeared in this episode <3<3<3 When everyone was perplexed about who is/are the spy, Huang Bo suddenly declared, “Why don’t we directly ask this dude?”, pointing at the mysterious PD. I love how he just laughed without saying anything. They are also starting to suspect there may be two spies…


Another highlight: Huang Lei micmicing Lay

The next mission is to find the “lonely dog” which in Chinese is an expression to say a man who is still single. But Show Luo understands that their goal is literally to find a dog. He succeeds with the mission and becomes the new leader. Later, they come to a monastery where the new goal is to take a selfie with all the designated monks. After this, it is time for another round of “save the plant”. Three members are send: Huang Lei, Huang Bo, and Show Luo. As soon as they enter, Huang Lei says to the other two that he is the spy and recommend the second spy to not also press the button, and then changes his speech by saying that this was a joke. ._. Both Huang Bo and Show Luo are puzzled. The verdict is… that two red lights were pressed! This means that there were two spies during this round?

After another round of games, it is once again time for the guess who is the spy moment. Wang Xun, Huang Lei, Lay and Sun Honglei are send in and one red light shows as final result. Now that three plants were not saved out of five, they officially failed the save plants mission.

However, there is one last chance to bring back laughter to Earth. Our men are send to a sunflower garden experiment house where they must protect the sunflowers from the bad scarecrows. After much struggles, Sun Honglei saves the earth by saving the last sunflower until the end. Also, at this moment, we reveal who the spies are: it was Show Luo and Huang Lei!! Did you guess right? 😉 Huang Bo was dumbfounded!

Side note: seriously, where did these pictures come from? They are not in the full episode or the Bonus special… I wanna see ><

704_1935892_571320  704_1935894_555752

Episode 9: Hare vs Turtle~


At the beginning of this episode, they realize that they are once again at the park from season 2’s episode 2. Remembering the hardships they once went through, they try to leave the scene before the games even start! xD The teams are announced to be 1) Huang Lei, Huang Bo and Lay and 2) Sun Honglei, Wang Xun and Show Luo. It is through a game of accumulating parcels that it is determinated that team 1 is the Hare team and team 2 is the Turtle team.


Of course, as soon as the game starts, Sun Honglei and Wang Xun use multiple scheme to steal a parcel from the Hare team. Seeing this, Show Luo choses to change team and become a hare with the others. At this point, I was shocked because I never saw in any variety show a change of team in the middle of the game! But, per Go Fighting tradition, the PD lets them do as they want and the change is done smoothly. The tortoise team is heartbroken at this point to see Show Luo leave their ranks and often talks about this betrayal throughout the episode.

159 12

Hence starts a long day of sruggles. The goal was to reach first the number 15 case of a monopoly like map. The hare can move from 2 to 6 steps per successful game while as the turtle team can move from 1 to 2 steps. However, the hare needs to take a nap from time to time. Both team play dirty during this episode. The turtle team steals up to three parcels from the hare team, while as the hare team throws the keys of the turtle’s team in the water and tries to convert Wang Xuan into a hare.

6 8 10 11 13 14

At the end of the day, after much struggles from both parties, they both reach the ending point at the same time. Hence, it is decided that the first team that can throw the small arrow on a two wins. Since Sun Honglei had the whole day to practice throwing 2, they succeed on the first try and become the ultimate winner. Show Luo then tries to come back to join the Turtle team, but it is now too late.

You handsome bad guy!

2 3

I have to say, I was moved by the bromance between Sun Honglei and Wang Xun. It reminds me of their biking episode where it was also those two against the world! Good job everyone, THIS IS LIFE!



3 thoughts on “[Recap] Go Fighting Ep. 8-9

  1. Reading this just makes me want to exclaim this once again: I love go fighting! Hahaha. Sun Honglei did behave quite weirdly in episode 8 though. He kept leaving the team to do his own thing. It seems like the team is now so familiar with each other, they don’t even mind that someone wants to slack off alone during filming :p Show Luo in Ep 9 was completely surprisingly. I didn’t thought it was possible to completely abandon his own team like that. Even though it adds to the overall drama, can’t help but feel that Show Luo doesn’t really belong with the team. He’s always looking for Huang Bo. (First, in the cycling episode and then, now.) Kinda ruins the image of 6 brothers who are tight with one another. Forming little cliques?


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Because THIS IS LIFE <3!
      In the recent episodes of Go Fighting, they don't even realize the PDs and cameramans are supposed to be BTS.. it is like they mix everything. It has its good and its bad: it is more real and friendly, but the editing is less "perfect". So far, I am not complaining 😛
      Haha… it is normal to have clips. I used to watch Running Man (Korean) and it is only on episode 60~ that Song Jihyo and Haha took some time to learn about each other. I think Show Luo is close to Sun Honglei… just not that close 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      • The real breakout stars from Go Fighting! 2 are actually the crew 😛 I love how they openly talk about the directors and PDs and explain how they are supposed to react for the sake of TV and then decide they should do it for the camera. This is the ‘real’ part in a reality show! And it’s really funny how they ‘break all rules’. Maybe this aspect, apart from the wonderful chemistry between the cast, is what makes the show so successful. They are actually playing the game seriously instead of just playing for the cameras 😀 (Even though, the most important thing is to make sure that you have more air time :p)


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