[Feature] Another Love Story: Blackie and Christine Fan


Another couple feature! It is sad how so many of these famous and adorable couple are not well known by the international fanbase :3 I will try to do more articles like this in the near future ^^

Christine Fan, more commonly known as Fan Fan, is a Taiwanese singer.


Blackie is a former basketball player and currently an entertainer and basketball coach. He has a big fanbase on instagram and hosted many variety shows in Taiwan.


The two dated for 10 years better they got married (meaning they have been together for 16 years now!) They founded an organization called Love Life which also include the active participation of Han Geng.


Blackie and Christine Fan openly talks about each other at Happy Camp

Blackie proposing to Christine during a basketball game in 2010!

Pictures from the wedding


The two has nothing to lose to Zhang Xinyi and Yuan Hong, considering they also had some pretty badass groom’s men and brides maid (cough cough Eddie Peng)

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Pictures of the two with their twin baby boys!

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Random pictures of the couple!



6 thoughts on “[Feature] Another Love Story: Blackie and Christine Fan

  1. I used to watch Hey Girls (Hei Se Hui Mei Mei) and Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang hosted by Blackie & Fan Fan respectively. It’s really cute and sometimes they’ll talk and make silly jokes about each other on the show. They weren’t even married back then. Time flies!


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